• I Love Glee & Ship Finchel

    hey all you glee project fans out there!!! Haven't you noticed how well ali is doing recently? In fearlessness she had a bit of a health scare and omg i feel so bad for her! But then she just dove into the water and smiled, which i think is totally and completely brave. Plus, she was even singing underwater. Ali is completely stepping up to the plate 100%, as they said. Also, obviously, theatricality was totally her week! She won the homework assignment and did amazin in the music video as Katy Perry! In Tenacity, se won her secon HWA and now is the only competitor to win two HWA's in a row! In the eye of the tiger music video she also was at her best and was very tenacious. NOTHING CAN STOP THIS GIRL!!! In the music vid for romanticality,…

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