Hey guys!

So I'm going to talk about all the contestants on the Glee Project Season 2. I'll list them in the order they were eliminated to make it easier on myself. When I've made it up to everyone eliminated, I'll put whoever comes to mind first.

1) Maxfield- I liked him. His voice made me swoon. And his southern-ness... he was my favorite contendor. When I watched the episode, I was like "Okay, he's doing good." Then his LCP gave me chills. His voice was so sweet and charming. When I saw his name on the "Not Called Back" sheet, I cried. I cannot stand to watch his KHO, and I still can't.

2) Tayrn- I never really knew much about her, except that her voice was good. I understand what she was saying when everyone was talking over each other. I'd be annoyed too.

3) Dani- I didn't really like her. It must've been the Justin Bieber look-a-like, because I cannot stand Justin Bieber. During her LCP, though, I looked past the look and really liked Dani. I was really mad when she went because I had just started to like her. The way she cried when she saw the list made me miss her even more.

4) Tyler- Up until episode 3 I didn't like Tyler. But I started to like him because he seemed really funny and sweet. I do agree, though, that his voice wasn't the best. He was chosen because of his story, not talent. His LCP was really fit for him leaving. Smile though your heart is breaking. I was sad to see him go so soon.

5) Mario- I liked him from the start. He had a really good voice. I thought he was kinda funny too. Then he started really talking, and he had an attitude! That bothered me because I liked him so much. When he yelled at Nikki, I cringed. But I was happy when he apoligized. Then he told the contenders they were also off-pitch. Mario, stop talking. I was bittersweet about seeing him go.

6) Charlie- Man. I really liked him. He seemed very funny and sweet. I liked his voice, and I like the way he approached everything as a character. I don't care what the mentors thought. I thought Charlie was doing a great job. He didn't draw attention away from himself, and he didn't draw attention too himself. He was right where he should be. And he never used his ADHD or Autism as an excuse, so I really admired him for that.

7) Nellie- She was really my favorite. I didn't ever want to see her go. Never. Her voice was amazing. She was different. I related to her, as did many others. She would've done great on Glee. So many would've related to her problems with confidence. I'm upset that Ryan Murphy basically said "Be what you're not." Isn't Glee all about being yourself? That makes sense Ryan Murphy. Make a show about an underdog, and get rid of the underdog. Nellie was the true underdog, and I'll really miss her.

8) Abraham- I like him. He does seem a little diva-ish, but all people in the arts seem to be a bit of a diva. That's why it's called DRAMA. His voice isn't the same as the rest of guys, which I like. I just wish he didn't dye his hair. He looked so great with red! I like him, but I don't think he'll win.

9) Shanna- At first, I didn't like her. She quickly grew on me though. She has a great voice, and a great personality. She's determined to win. I like her southern charm, as I did with Maxfield. I hope she doesn't get eliminated. She could really go far with or without Glee.

10) Aylin- I cannot stand her. She bothers me so much. She mentions that's shes a Turkish Muslim way too much. And she's rebeling against her parents using a TV show. And when she said "Can we get to the point where they eliminate everyone and give me the 7 episodes?" I really freaked. Well that was cocky. She has a good voice, but I don't like her and hope she doesn't win.

11) Blake- I like him. His voice is a bit generic, but above average. And he's just so adorable! He also seems really funny to me. He's also a great actor. I hope he wins. I could be a very happy girl seeing him on Glee every night.

12) Michael- I feel the same way about Michael the way I feel about Blake. Although, I like Michael's voice better. And he's also funny. He thinks math is sexy, and would eat his left foot to win this competition. Michael really seems humble and shy. When he cried when Nellie left, that really put him at the top of my list.

13) Lily Mae- I can't stand her. She's like Aylin, only worse. She has such an attitude. She yelled at Ryan, and bashes the other contenders sometimes. She does have a powerful voice, but I can't stand her attitude. When she hugged Aylin in the episode Nellie went home, both me and my sister said "Don't hug her, you don't like her." She deserved to go home over Nellie. I can't wait to see her go home.

14) Ali- I don't know how I feel about Ali. She's adorable and quirky. I like the way she's always so positive and doesn't let anything get in the way of her wheelchair. I admire the way she wanted to be slushied even though Eric didn't think it was a good idea. But I don't really like her voice. I don't know how I'd feel if she went home. I would just be fine seeing her on Glee.

That's all for now! Have a great day!


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