So hey guys.

I'm new to this whole thing. So I'm going to blog. I'm going to recap the season so far (and probably rant in between) and talk about my feelings for the Glee Project. They're going to get longer as I get towards more recent episodes because I remember more from them.

Let's start with the first episode. Individuality:

The music video was good! I really did like it. As well as the HWA. At that point in the Glee Project, I didn't like Shanna. But now I do! And at that point, Iiked Aylin. Too bad I cannot stand her now. I swear, she mentions her Turkish Muslim-ness one more time, I'm going to scream. Nothing against Aylin, but please don't mention it every five seconds. The people in the bottom. I was upset to see Aylin in the bottom, Tyler I was okay with, and Maxfield I was very upset with. His LCP almost had me cry. His voice. AGH! So deep and southern and awesome. To see him go home made me very mad. The first episode. My favorite contender. Already. Really? I couldn't watch his KHO. I just couldn't. And I still can't. It's pretty sad.


Samuel Larsen. Really? Why not Heather Morison? But whatever, that's not the point. And I was upset to see Tayrn quit. We never really got to learn about her! We Got the Beat was okay. I was happy to see Abraham win. The music video was good. I felt the Spin the Bottle was un-needed though. Someone said that it was a way to pick out the "Camerons" of the season. You know, to see who wouldn't kiss or whatever. And the contenders got a real hard time about the choreography. It's only the second episode! Only the second week! Give them a little bit of a break. Michael's and Blake's dance was cute. Let's see, the bottom 3. Tyler (I saw it coming), Lily Mae (At that point, I didn't like her), and Dani. I didn't like Dani, but when she did her LCP, I fell in love with her. When she went home, I sighed. Of course. When I start to like someone, they go home. It's just my luck. And the way Dani cried broke my heart. She deserved to stay, especially after the way Lily talked to Ryan about arguing.


Charlie put it perfectly. How can you be vulnerable to an upbeat song for the HWA. The contendors did a great job though making it look vulnerable. NELLIE! I'm so happy she won. This is when I really started to notice her. I really fell in love with her this episode. The music video was very good. It was very vulnerable. It almost made me cry. And of course, Charlie took Mario's cane. Okay. We get it. It was a poor acting decision. Charlie admitted that. The mentors would NOT get over it. AND they used it in the music video. AND they re-shot it. So they were obviously okay with it. Charlie was ADHD and low-spectrum Autism. He doesn't really realize what he's doing is wrong. I'm glad he never used it as an excuse though! And whether I like Aylin or not, she did GREAT in the music video. And I'm not surprised that Lily was ever a bully. I know that's an awful thing to say! Everyone's LCP was great. I'm glad they all got to stay, but it's only the thrid episode.


Ah. I can't believe there's even a song called I Wanna Sex You Up to begin with. Just gotta get that off my chest. I can't remember why, but I remember thinking someone else other than Charlie should've won. I forget why though. Anyway, Nellie, shut up. You're gorgeous. You really are. I'm not surprised you did GREAT in the music video. The music video was awesome. And another thing about Nellie, the milkshake thing made me laugh! The bottom 3. Hmm. Alright. Michael messed up. No, I didn't think it was "unprofessional." Everyone has their days. But no, I didn't want him to stay just because he's "cute." If Tyler messed up, I'd want him to stay. If Lily messed up, I'd want her to stay (even if I despise her). Whoever I like or think should go home has NOTHING to do with how a contender looks. When Tyler went home, I was upset. I had just started to really like him. But, it irks me that Ryan is looking for a story, not talent.


First off, I thought all the contenders did awesome in the homework song. And I really liked the song! Ali's face really scared me though... hahaha. Nellie should've won this one though. Her voice really fit the song. I liked how Kevin said they were not going to say what the song was. I probably would've said "What song is that...?" and then realize a split second later what he really meant. When they got to the booth and Nikki Anders said the song was Price Tag, I laughed when Blake said "Now I know the name of the song." And on a side note: I hate how Nikki Anders wears SOOOO much eye make-up. One more thing: Zach Woodlee is amazing. The little hug he gives himself when he laughs is adorable. Anyway... the music video was good. Nellie looked good in a dress, as well as Lily Mae. Aylin looked diabolical in this video. And I liked the concept of this video! Very creative. And I liked Scott Campbell!! I don't like how the mentors yelled at Charlie for making up a character. No, the video wasn't all about him. That's what the best of the best do. Make up a character! Now for the LCP's. Nellie and Blake. Ah. LOVED IT. So freaking adorable. The mentors were crying. I mean, really. Ali and Abraham. I was cringing. I think Ali over-powered Abraham, but not in a good way. Mario's and Charlie's LCP was cute. I liked Mario's voice, but not his attitude. I was bittersweet about seeing him go. But the way he reacted made me smile. His speech when he left made me like him even more and almost forget his attitude.


As much as it pains me, I really liked the HWA. And I hate rap. Blake totally did great in that. He made me laugh. And I really hate Lily's "boob bounce" she does all the time. Like, stop. Zach said it himself, it's a "wedding dance" move. Poor Nellie forgot the lyrics! I felt bad when Nellie starting crying and talking about how she wonders if she'll be confident enough. I mean, bathing suits AND slushies? That's A LOT. At the shoot, I thought Ali really stepped up her game. She wanted to be slushied. Being in a wheelchair wasn't going to stop her! I mean, last year, Cameron couldn't take the slushies because he's Cameron. Ali couldn't take them because her body reacts harshly to extreme temperatures because of her disability. But I'm glad she really embodied Fearlessness. So yeah, Nellie was not confident. She's not confident with being sexy, yet they always give Nellie the sexy part! I mean, stop. Now for the LCP's. Nellie's. Was. God. I swear it was amazing. I had goose bumps. Ryan Murphy was smiling. You know it's good when Ryan Murphy is smiling. Charlie changed the lyrics and put Ryan Murphy's name in. DON'T DO THAT!!! Aylin's was good, but I don't like her, so I didn't really pay all that much attention. And I don't understand what the mentors want from Charlie. In adaptability, they yelled at him because they thought the music video was all about him. This week, it wasn't enough about him. WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM HIM? I was upset to see him go. I really liked him. The sound he made when he saw Aylin made me very sad. Oh, he really liked her. She really liked him. I can't help but think they wanted Nellie to go. (PS: the letter Charlie wrote to Aylin was ADORABLE).


I don't care if I spelled that wrong. By the way, Charlie NEEDED to be here for this. He would've killed it. Anyway, the HWA made me smile. It was really good! Finally, Broadway! As much as I don't like her, Lily Mae did great in the HWA. So did Michael. And Shanna. Heck, they all did good. Ali won though. Okay. The music video was... a good concept? I guess. I don't really think it was that good. Poor Shanna! Putting her through the meat dress. And Nellie is beautiful. Again, I'm going to say this. The judges didn't think she stood out in the music video... but they put her in the back for the dance. Of course you're not going to notice her in the back! The LCP's were good. Nellie was smiling! She looked confident! Lily Mae did good too. Poor Abraham. He had to rap. At this point, I was freaking out. I knew the speculated eliminated contestant, so I wasn't paying all that much attention. But after the way Lily yelled at Ryan, she deserved to go before Nellie did. When I saw Nellie's name on the "Not Called Back" sheet, I must've blanked out. I don't remember her face. I don't remember what she said. I don't remember goodbyes (except that Michael was crying). I don't remember her KHO. I just logged on to Twitter to rant. I was very happy to see Nellie, TGP, The Glee Project, and #WeLoveNellie trending. The only other time The Glee Project had something trending was Nellie and Blake. I hope Ryan Murphy realizes that he made a HUGE mistake eliminating Nellie. Millions of girls would've related to her. Many girls are not confident to be sexy. Not everyone is confident about that. Believe me! I was DEVESTATED to see Nellie go.

Coming up on Tenacity:

I hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE music video. No, it's not because Nellie isn't in it. It's poorly done. Really it is. It's hard to say who one the HWA. Lily was TOO energenic. Abraham looked awkward after he was done going though the tires. Yes, it was the 30th take. We have to take that into account. But I still didn't like the video.

Okay, I'm done now. Have a great night!


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