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  • Gleelover101

    Hey guys!

    So I'm going to talk about all the contestants on the Glee Project Season 2. I'll list them in the order they were eliminated to make it easier on myself. When I've made it up to everyone eliminated, I'll put whoever comes to mind first.

    1) Maxfield- I liked him. His voice made me swoon. And his southern-ness... he was my favorite contendor. When I watched the episode, I was like "Okay, he's doing good." Then his LCP gave me chills. His voice was so sweet and charming. When I saw his name on the "Not Called Back" sheet, I cried. I cannot stand to watch his KHO, and I still can't.

    2) Tayrn- I never really knew much about her, except that her voice was good. I understand what she was saying when everyone was talking over each other. I…

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  • Gleelover101

    So hey guys.

    I'm new to this whole thing. So I'm going to blog. I'm going to recap the season so far (and probably rant in between) and talk about my feelings for the Glee Project. They're going to get longer as I get towards more recent episodes because I remember more from them.

    Let's start with the first episode. Individuality:

    The music video was good! I really did like it. As well as the HWA. At that point in the Glee Project, I didn't like Shanna. But now I do! And at that point, Iiked Aylin. Too bad I cannot stand her now. I swear, she mentions her Turkish Muslim-ness one more time, I'm going to scream. Nothing against Aylin, but please don't mention it every five seconds. The people in the bottom. I was upset to see Aylin in the bottom…

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