I'm going to be very happy with whoever the winner is! They are all perfect for Glee :)

Abraham: His singing and dancing abilities are standout-ish, and he's really funny (I love that he speaks sometimes he hashtag things)

Ali: She's so charming and funny, and her broadway abilities are fantastic! And when the mentors told her that she'll be doing a LCP with Abraham her reaction was so sweet)

Aylin: Her personality and voice is awesome, and she seems like she can have a good friendship with anyone! (I like how she's always excited about the week's theme)

Blake: He's one of the best actors and he has experience on TV, he's good looking and has a cool voice (He's such a good friend with all of the contenders, when Nellie was crying and he cheered her up was so nice!)

Lily Mae: Her voice is amazing in a broadway style and she's an awesome role model because she doesn't care about her body because she feels beautiful, she is beautiful (I love her Last Chance Performances so much!)

Michael: He has a very nice voice and he always put all his energy! He's actually adorable like Nikki said, like a little puppy :P (I don't know why but he kinda reminds of Damian from last season, in a good way)

Nellie: Her voice is incredible! It's so different of the other ones, so powerful! I love her personality because she has a good relation with everyone, she's very friendly, like there's no drama around her (Her LCP with Blake gave me chills, her performance was awesome!)

Shanna: She's my favorite contender, her voice is so awesome and versatile! Her personality is so sweet, she's always motivated with a big smile on her face! (Her high notes are the best thing I ever heard! I can't wait to see her LCP!)

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