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  • GleeProject

    So there's only 7 contenders left on the competition: Abraham, Ali, Aylin, Blake, Lily, Michael and Shanna.

    I feel that the video was great! But I felt like some contenders didn't show too much their tenacity.

    Based on the video and the preview these are my expectations:

    High: Shanna/Blake

    In: Shanna/Blake Michael/Aylin

    Low: Aylin/Michael

    Bottom Three: Ali, Lily and Abraham

    What do you think? Tell me your opinion :)

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  • GleeProject

    Here are some of my ideas:

    Abraham: I see him as Mike Chang's younger brother who loves to dance, and hiss problem is that he doesn't feel like him, like how he's supposed to be, so he dyes his hair trying to "find himself" like his style, his persona, if it makes any sense.

    Ali: Ok, so I happy a super funny idea, she auditions for New Directions, and then Artie has a crush on her and he's trying to be flirtatious but she would be like "Just because I'm on a wheelchair like you it doesn't means that we have to date or something, it would so stereotypical, but we can be friends." and then they become a couple later on the season.

    Aylin: I see her character like when she's in her house she's wearing some arabian clothes and when she gets to schoo…

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  • GleeProject

    I'm going to be very happy with whoever the winner is! They are all perfect for Glee :)

    Abraham: His singing and dancing abilities are standout-ish, and he's really funny (I love that he speaks sometimes he hashtag things)

    Ali: She's so charming and funny, and her broadway abilities are fantastic! And when the mentors told her that she'll be doing a LCP with Abraham her reaction was so sweet)

    Aylin: Her personality and voice is awesome, and she seems like she can have a good friendship with anyone! (I like how she's always excited about the week's theme)

    Blake: He's one of the best actors and he has experience on TV, he's good looking and has a cool voice (He's such a good friend with all of the contenders, when Nellie was crying and he cheered h…

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  • GleeProject

    So, we only have 7 contenders left:

    • Abraham
    • Ali
    • Aylin
    • Blake
    • Lily Mae
    • Michael
    • Nellie
    • Shanna

    Based on the spoilers, video, preview and bonus videos: I think that Nellie (sadly) is going to be eliminated.

    High: Blake/Ali

    Called back: Shanna, Aylin, Ali/Blake

    Low: Lily Mae

    Bottom 3: Michael, Abraham and Nellie (eliminated)

    Comment and tell me what do you think!

    We'll see what happens on Tuesday :)

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