Okay so I'm a huge fan of the tv show The Challenge on MTV. You can read more about it Here. Basically there are challenges or missions. The winner gets something and 2 people are voted into an elimination round the loser of the elimination round goes home. At the end there are a few competitors or teams left depending on the season and they win money. Basically im gonna write a fan-fic about it but with TGP characters. The first season will be Battle of The Seasons. Season 1 vs. Season 2. Since there are more in season two I won't include Ali or Mario since they are physical challenges. The way it will work is that there will be a challenge. The winning team will get 25,000 dollars split evenly in their individual bank account. The only other way to get money in your bank account is to beat someone in the elimination round that has money. There money will be transferred in your individual bank account. The winning team will deliberate to choose 1 boy and 1 girl from each team to go in the elimination round the winner stays the loser goes home. The teams are

Season One:Samuel, Damian, Alex, Lindsay, Hannah, Marissa, Matheus, Cameron, Mckynleigh, Emily, Ellis, Bryce

Season Two:Blake, Aylin, Michael, Lily, Shanna, Abraham, Nellie, Charlie, Tyler, Dani, Taryn, Maxfield

The 24 contenders will be residing in a mansion in Costa Rica.

La Mansion Inn 05
There will be alliances, backstabbing and of course Hookups!

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