Who was my favorite from both seasons?

26.Bryce Ross-Johnson

25.Tyler Ford

24.Taryn Mai

23.Lily Mae Harrington

22.Hannah Mcialwain

21.Mckynleigh Abraham

20.Abraham Lim

19.Maxfield Camp

18.Dani Shay

17.Ellis Wylie

16.Alex Newell

15.Ali Stroker

14.Blake Jenner

13.Matheus Fernades

12.Emily Vasquez

11.Damian McGinty

10.Mario Bonds

9.Lindsay Pearce

8.Samuel Larsen

7.Michael Weissman

6.Aylin Bayramoglu

5.Charlie Lubeck

4.Nellie Veitenheimer

3.Cameron Mitchell

2.Marissa Von Bleicken

1.Shanna Henderson

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