Okay. It has come to the attention of many users that the user LacKdaiSicaL is not fit to be an admin.

Here are some reasons LacKdaiSicaL should be revoked of his powers:

  • To begin, he is very rude to not only users on this wiki, but users on other wikis. He has insulted people on their political beliefs, religious beliefs, etc.
  • He doesn't let other people speak of their opinions.
  • He constantly breaks rules. For example he has cursed and insulted people on chat.
  • Another serious issue is he constantly lies about his life. When I first met him he claimed to be 19 and a college student. Later, he admitted to be a senior in highschool and 18 years old. He then admitted he is only 17. He claims he had a younger sister, which turned out to be false. He also said that  he had a cousin Gabby (who later made an account). This claim also turned out to be false. He gave us fake pictures aand lied about how he looks.
  • The worst thing he ever did was one night he was acting out on chat and was being rude, cursing, etc. He said his girlfriend, Skye, died and said he was leaving forever. He had his "cousin, Gabby" come on. She said he OD. The next morning this turned out to be a comlete lie.
  • Nobody wants their leader to be a proven liar.
  • He sets people up against eachother.
  • He causes drama.
  • He talks behind people's backs and gossips.
  • He constantly makes things up, so people will feel bad for him

I have witnesses willing to testify if you don't believe me. He obviously shouldn't be leading this wiki. We will have a vote on it

Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments. No hate allowed.

Should LacKdaiSicaL have his admin rights removed?

The poll was created at 21:34 on February 27, 2013, and so far 10 people voted.

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