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    Okay. It has come to the attention of many users that the user LacKdaiSicaL is not fit to be an admin.

    Here are some reasons LacKdaiSicaL should be revoked of his powers:

    • To begin, he is very rude to not only users on this wiki, but users on other wikis. He has insulted people on their political beliefs, religious beliefs, etc.
    • He doesn't let other people speak of their opinions.
    • He constantly breaks rules. For example he has cursed and insulted people on chat.
    • Another serious issue is he constantly lies about his life. When I first met him he claimed to be 19 and a college student. Later, he admitted to be a senior in highschool and 18 years old. He then admitted he is only 17. He claims he had a younger sister, which turned out to be false. H…

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    EDIT: I've decided not to do this fan-fic

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    TGP: The Challenge

    September 25, 2012 by FreeFalling

    Okay so I'm a huge fan of the tv show The Challenge on MTV. You can read more about it Here. Basically there are challenges or missions. The winner gets something and 2 people are voted into an elimination round the loser of the elimination round goes home. At the end there are a few competitors or teams left depending on the season and they win money. Basically im gonna write a fan-fic about it but with TGP characters. The first season will be Battle of The Seasons. Season 1 vs. Season 2. Since there are more in season two I won't include Ali or Mario since they are physical challenges. The way it will work is that there will be a challenge. The winning team will get 25,000 dollars split evenly in their individual bank account. The only o…

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    TGP All Stars

    September 21, 2012 by FreeFalling

    Okay so some of you may know that I was gonna do a TGP All Stars a while ago, but I never got around to it. I'm gonna start it up again using 7 people from season one and 7 from season two that didnt make it to the finale.

    Season One: Marissa, Cameron, Emily, Matheus, Hannah, Bryce, Mckynleigh

    Season Two: Nellie, Michael, Charlie, Maxfield, Lily, Mario, Shanna

    There you have it! 7 boys, 7 girls! I just wanted to let you know the first 3 eliminations will be decided by, the rest will be decided by me. So i dont want any hate for the first 3 eliminations the others you can say whatever you want (okay maybe not everything you want) The first episode should be out soon!

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  • FreeFalling

    Okay so everyone wants to see a TGP All Stars season, so I've chosen 6 from season one and 6 from season two that haven't made it to the finale and this is the episode that reveals the final 12.

    Season 1:

    Hannah Mclalwain

    Emily Vasquez

    Matheus Fernandes

    Bryce Ross-Johnson

    Cameron Mitchell

    Marissa Von Bleicken

    Season 2:

    Michael Weisman

    Shanna Henderson

    Charlie Lubeck

    Mario Bonds

    Lily Mae Harrington

    Nellie Veitenheimer

    The first episode should be out soon

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