So, I just watched the music video for Actability; "Perfect".

It was awesome, and in my opinion, everyone deserves to stay. If I had to pick a stand out, it would be Michael or Lily, both of which pleasantly surprised me this week. Heckle all you want, but I don't think Blake was at his best this week. Aylin kind of overreacted to everything, which was annoying. For example, at the part where she puts on the headress, she looks like she's going to cry.

Ali was great at some parts, and I think out of everyone her and Lily played their roles the best. However, at other times it seemed like she was underreacting to things, like when Lily was telling her about how she paralyzed her (Ali).

Overall, here are my rankings:

1. Michael

He reminded me of Puck, which made me laugh. He was very believable which is very important. If there was one thing he could work on, it would be reacting to things like when Blake confronted him of "stealing his girl".

2. Lily Mae

At the beginning of the video, she just annoyed me. But as it got on, I started to connect with the emotion she was putting into the video, which left me surprised. I am starting to like Lily!

3. Ali

(will be posted)

4. Aylin

At parts she was really good, like the "I'm pregnant" scene. But at other parts, she would overreact (above). She could of played her role better, and I sort of had trouble recieving the message that she was trying to get across.

5. Blake

(will be posted)

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