So, I'm here with my first music video review, "Eye of The Tiger." I personally love this song, so I hope the Glee Project contenders live up to my very high expetations!

After watching the video, here is what I thought of the contenders in the order they appeared:


I was impressed with Blake. He didn't over do everything, and it didn't look like he was thinking about anything. Vocals were good as well.


Michael was my favourite in this video. I can't believe he made it through the tire in one take! And the vocals seemed to be great, as well.


I have mixed feelings about Abraham in this. He was good at some parts, like at the beginning, but at other parts it looked like he was just angry and not tenacious.


Aylin was awesome in this video, but very forgettable. I almost skipped right to Lily. Otherwise, she was one of the most believable in the group.

Lily Mae

She was.... yeah. It just looked like she was angry at everything. There is a fine line between agressive and tenaious.


Ali wasn't great, but she wasn't bad either. She seemed to be trying way too hard at some parts, and at others she just nailed it. I am liking her more and more each week.


Again, mixed emotions, like Abraham. How is she the only one who hasn't performed for Ryan yet?

Callback list:

Here what I think it should be based on the music video:

  • 1. Michael
  • 2. Blake
  • 3. Aylin
  • 4. Ali

Abraham and Shanna were ok, and Lily was the worst out of everyone. She should go home this week.

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