Hey guys!

Right, I've been doing this sign up thing for a while, and I'm finally (almost) full! I'm so excited for these, so I'm going to be posting the list right now! Because the demand for males was lower, I created one myself. If you didn't get in, and only one person won't and it will be a female, its not that your character wasn't good, it's just that there was some better than it. And/or you submitted more than everyone else!

NOTE: Gabby still needs to post, so its subject to change!




Issac Munroe (Nm9309)

Leon Mraz (Nm9309)

Daniel Green (Sunriseondarkenedseas)

Tom Brooks (Veku123)

Alexander Quinn (Juanitafan2626)

Drew Flemming (RyleyFan08)

Henry Escador (Mysims)


Zoe Benoit (TheWordyBirdy)

Alessandra Garcia (Junitafan2626)

Chloe Christin (LonelyMockinjay)

Lenny Hwang (Rory sugar123)

Angelica Anderson (Nadianajla)

Natasha McCormick (TheWordyBirdy)

Isabella Flemming (RyleyFan08)

Well done to those who got in! I'm considering making a wiki, and I may do soon, but depends. I'll put the first ep up either later tonight or on monday after school!


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