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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    Right, sorry part two took forever, here is part three. I'll do the Music Video and then the Bottom Three reveal and finally the LCPs. I'll choose the LCPs and stuff xD

    "Who you are, by Jessie J. Directed by Michael Wiseman and Aylin Bayramoglu"

    The five flashes up, followed by the four. The three replaces it. Then the two, and finally the one. The one fades from view and the first thing we see is Alessandra striding across the hallway of the school, it's meant to be afterschool, so it's deserted.

    Alessandra: Hmmm yeah, uh yeah. I stare at my reflection in the mirror. Why am I doing this to myself. Losing my mind on a tiny error. I nearly left the real me on the shelf.

    She walks over to her locker and opens it. Up until now, we've only seen th…

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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    Right then, here is Part 2! In this, the contestants will meet the mentor, and then perform, and to finish it off, the one on one sessions. Mostly transcript here for the songs. There will be a lot more confessionals in this one, and probably some drama/tears/laughter.


    The camera pans across the room to see the fourteen contenders sitting in the glee club room. The room itself is almost an exact replica of the original glee room, which had once contained the famous Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson. Speaking of the Glee cast, the contestants began to wonder who the Mentor is this week. Blake and Lindsay stand in front of the fourteen in silence. Lenny is jumping up and down in her seat with excitment. Henry looks like he couldn't care any le…

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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    Okay... This is Individuality. I'm not sure how this works around here, but I know how I'm gonna do this. It'll all be in transcript, with certain parts being in the 3rd person. If its in bold then its confessional. But if its italics then its singing. If its bold italics, then its spoken.

    The glee house is silent. The camera pans across the front room; fushia and cyan plush couches are scattered modernly and elegantly around the center of the room, a white gloss table inbetween them. The floor is a multi coloured tile, all shades of red and yellow, dancing viberantly through the viewers eyes. The house is undisturbed. Beatiful, even. Not a single thing moves.

    And the door opens.

    In walks Issac Munroe, flanked by his fellow contestant Natasha McCorm…

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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    Hey guys!

    Right, I've been doing this sign up thing for a while, and I'm finally (almost) full! I'm so excited for these, so I'm going to be posting the list right now! Because the demand for males was lower, I created one myself. If you didn't get in, and only one person won't and it will be a female, its not that your character wasn't good, it's just that there was some better than it. And/or you submitted more than everyone else!

    NOTE: Gabby still needs to post, so its subject to change!



    Issac Munroe (Nm9309)

    Leon Mraz (Nm9309)

    Daniel Green (Sunriseondarkenedseas)

    Tom Brooks (Veku123)

    Alexander Quinn (Juanitafan2626)

    Drew Flemming (RyleyFan08)

    Henry Escador (Mysims)


    Zoe Benoit (TheWordyBirdy)

    Alessandra Garcia (Junitafan2626)


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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    Hello everyone! I'm new here, but trust me, I have writing experience from other wikis. Such as Hunger Games, mostly, but I've tried other stuff. So, recently, I became hooked on the Glee Project. I've liked glee for about three years, and watched the first project and have it all on my sky box, and then watched all the second! So...

    I have decided to make a fanfiction games based around the Glee Project. You have all haven't seen my writing, so you don't know what its like, but I'm gonna really try as hard as I can. You may post up to three characters, which will all be chosen on Sunday (11/11/12). I will select from the auditions, seven males and seven females. I will then choose my favorites and eliminate the character which does the wor…

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