Bathing suits... Slushies... Pool shots... Seriously, it's like Tenacity + Sexuality combined. I mean, look at all those skin!!! Okay, enough of the creepiness...

But may i just say, Lily looks the most beautiful out of the girls here. And i'm saying this because of her confindence in how she brings herself and how she throws all her weight around with all the sassiness she can muster.

Anyway, Top 3

1.) Ali - Sorry Lily, but Ali blew this one off for me (which is saying somehting since i'm not a fan of her vocals). She sounded so amazing in her parts and for her to this is really being fearless (though she did breakdown based on the teaser) but yeah, she still fought back!

2.) Lily - 2nd's not bad XD but as i said awhile ago, she is beautiful, sexy and confident. And dammit, i wish every single plus-sized person i know feels that they are beautiful just like her. I have this really, really, really big need for her to sing "Big, Blonde, and beautiful" soon because i know that she'll massacre the competition with that song!!!

3.) Shanna - Even with minimal lines, she still popped. I mean, her "i'm going to get you" face was just so gorgeous XD She looks murderous~

Highlights in the video

1.) Nellie rising in the pool... - You are not curing people's obsessions with this... That was just... gaaaaah

2.) Blakechaellie moment - Ladies and gentlemen, i give you the new three musketeers. The one to rival Damerannah.

3.) Pool shots - Need i say more? And Lily <3 (Is it safe to say that i'm in love with Lily right now?)

4.) The final slushie - that was just epic!!! XD

Bottom 3

1.) Aylin - darn, her part just didn't click much on me. especially the "i'm gonna get ya,get ya, get ya, get ya..." It sounded weak...

2.) Charlie - His part was not that good and he was forgettable... sorry dude (well this is the week he's off right?)

3.) Michael - Ouch... big ouch for a team Michael guy like me. But i feel like he's a bottom 3 this time or at least, in the low. His vocals weren't as good as usual and he's lipsynching was below par.

What do you guys think?

Also, i've seen some ugly comments about Lily like "she only won the homework assignement because she'd look good in the pool" or "Lily's so at home in the pool because she's a whale" or "my eyes hurt from seeing the hippo in that bathingsuit". What do you guys think of that? Because it's just down right disgusting for me... Ugggh....

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