I think i speak in behalf of all the people who wanted to see this video so freaking bad when i say that we all learned a valuable lesson. Be careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it... We got the vid alright, but it was.. .well... yeah. Probably my 2nd least liked video so far for this season. But anyway

Top 3

1.) Ali - This girl is on a roll! (get it? On a roll? hahaha) No but seriously, she really was aweosme in this vid. I've said it before, i'm not a fan of her voice but she still delivered~ And her smile at the end of the vid, it was sweet~ (and i'm not talking baout her candy outfit~)

2.) Abraham - Abraham is back! Whiplashing and dazing everyone with his moves and theatricality~ It's nice to see that he's still alive in the competition.

3.) Aylin - Fierce. Confident. Cone-Bra. Yeahp, i'm sold.


1.) Costumes - Love it! Love it a lot <3 Though i expected a Freddie Mercury one... that guy deserves theatricality.

2.) Errr yeah... i think that's it? O.O

Bottom 3

Well this is hard... but yeah...

1.) Lily/Shanna - More inclined with Shanna here because her parts were just... weak for me. And even if she got plastered with meat, she did not deliver Lady Gaga to me. Lily on the other hand had these weird dreamy expressions that didn't blend with the pissed off/tired looks of the others when they were working.

2.) Nellie - One thing that i am thankful baout for this vid is that it gave me enough reason to say, "fine, Nellie, go home..." Sorry co-Nellie fans but her time has come and yeah, she'll make an awesome recording artist one day but she's not for Glee.

3.)Michael/Bake - it's a coin toss between our two guys here. They both didn't deliver that much for me but then again, the song is ahrd to pull off for them. It's like making Finn sing Lady Gaga... but yeah. Their first parts were great but once they took on the costumes, it just sucked... like... a lot...


Also, i'm actually scared of what the contestants' reactiosn would be once Grant walks into the set. Since he really is a fresh face. Given the filming date, they only saw him in two episodes and in HOTS, it was just a small scene so yeah... I love that Grant took the stage though~

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