It's not about the money, money, money but maybe a better video editing would be good, don't ya think?

I may have done quick costume changes in the theater productions i've been part of but Blake's Blue Shirt on again off again act was just... wow XD And Nellie's little purse mishap. She left it then she took it with her. Maybe she noticed the pricetag on the bag XD

Anyway, Top 3

1.) Aylin - That girl, based on the video, delivered. The richy bitch act suited her a lot and her faces! Gaaaah, and yes, i find her very beautiful (2nd most beautiful in the girls' side, Lily being the most beautiful at least imo).

2.) Michael - I liked his part especially the " that you can't even have a good time". It's just a small tweak but it worked and it worked well!!! And that Abraham belly rub hahaha! Good to see him getting up because he really fell short last week. Heck, i wouldn't be surprised if RM kicked him out.

3.) Shanna - I'm actually torn between her and Nellie (And i think the general populace loves some Nellie <3) But yeah, maybe it's because she got more singing time taht's why i chose her for top 3.

Vid Highlights

1.) Lily's little run towards the group - sorry, but i really found it adorable XD

2.) The Michael Abraham belly rub - Because it deserves to be mentioned again

3.) Blake in those shorts - seriously... @.@

Bottom 3

1.) Charlie - Darn, i feel like i'm picking on him but i love him. He's adorkable and explosive which i love but he seems off in this vid. It's like, he didn't adapt at all. (I'm guessing they were tasked to do impromptu stuff in the vid). He looked awkward especially at the start.

2.) Ali - Her part.... felt really weird... Like weirder than usual...

3.) Abraham - My Asian awesomeness... His part was also off and yeah, the Shanna sandwich didn't help his cause either...

So maybe this is the week where Charlie goes bye bye then? But but but.... Chaylin... But yeah, it's just my guess. Maybe Mario stumbled somewhere and he's the one that gets the boot here.

What do you guys think?

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