Party Rock is in the house tonight! And Taryn is obviously not part of Party Rock because that girl just vanished.

Is she pulling off a Cameron Mitchell?

Anyway, the highlight singers in the music video for me are

1.) Abraham Lim - like duh. He's obviously the homework round winner and i'm happy for that. I'm boarding the Limsanity train. The guy is sex on a stick and sings like a dream. And i dub him as the Blaikina Cohen-Changderson love child. He's seriously an Asian Fusion. I love it.

2.) Nellie Veitenhiemer - She really is rockin this video and she's just so beautiful.

3.) Michael Weismann - Nice to see a math geek loosen up, grab a drink, dance like a pop star and make out with every single girl in the room. It was a breath of fresh air for me to see him like this.

The highlight parts in the music video for me are

1.) Tyler on the door - seriously, that was cute and funny. See? If Tyler really is that goofy and fun to watch then i'd definitely love the guy.

2.) Aylily (Aylin and Lily) Kiss! - Gaaaah! Someone's parents will go crazy! Aylin, you are one crazy vixen and i love you for that. You really are a spitfire. You've kissed Blake, Michael,Mario, Charlie (in an upcoming episode) and now Lily. Wow... If this is Dance-Ability, i wonder what Sexuality will bring.

3.) the Blaichael (Blake and Michael) Dance - That little dance they did in the end was cool. I see a bromance in the horizon or at least, for those shippers out there.

4.) Lily Dancing - Some people don't like this but i found it amazing. How confident she is of her body and how she shaked her body up without a care in the world.

My bottom three based on the music video

1.) Dani Shay - Her part just seemed out of place and bland. And the dancing was sub par.

2.) Charlie Lubeck - He didn't pop in this video the same way he did the last time. In short, forgettable. Which is sad since i like Charlie.

3.) Shanna Henderson - Maybe it's just that i'm expecting more from her but i just didn't find her appealing in this music video. Completely forgettable.

How about you guys, what do you think?

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