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    I think i speak in behalf of all the people who wanted to see this video so freaking bad when i say that we all learned a valuable lesson. Be careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it... We got the vid alright, but it was.. .well... yeah. Probably my 2nd least liked video so far for this season. But anyway

    Top 3

    1.) Ali - This girl is on a roll! (get it? On a roll? hahaha) No but seriously, she really was aweosme in this vid. I've said it before, i'm not a fan of her voice but she still delivered~ And her smile at the end of the vid, it was sweet~ (and i'm not talking baout her candy outfit~)

    2.) Abraham - Abraham is back! Whiplashing and dazing everyone with his moves and theatricality~ It's nice to see that he's still alive in …

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  • DarrenFreakinPotter

    Bathing suits... Slushies... Pool shots... Seriously, it's like Tenacity + Sexuality combined. I mean, look at all those skin!!! Okay, enough of the creepiness...

    But may i just say, Lily looks the most beautiful out of the girls here. And i'm saying this because of her confindence in how she brings herself and how she throws all her weight around with all the sassiness she can muster.

    Anyway, Top 3

    1.) Ali - Sorry Lily, but Ali blew this one off for me (which is saying somehting since i'm not a fan of her vocals). She sounded so amazing in her parts and for her to this is really being fearless (though she did breakdown based on the teaser) but yeah, she still fought back!

    2.) Lily - 2nd's not bad XD but as i said awhile ago, she is beautiful,…

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  • DarrenFreakinPotter

    It's not about the money, money, money but maybe a better video editing would be good, don't ya think?

    I may have done quick costume changes in the theater productions i've been part of but Blake's Blue Shirt on again off again act was just... wow XD And Nellie's little purse mishap. She left it then she took it with her. Maybe she noticed the pricetag on the bag XD

    Anyway, Top 3

    1.) Aylin - That girl, based on the video, delivered. The richy bitch act suited her a lot and her faces! Gaaaah, and yes, i find her very beautiful (2nd most beautiful in the girls' side, Lily being the most beautiful at least imo).

    2.) Michael - I liked his part especially the " that you can't even have a good time". It's just a small tweak but it worked and it work…

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  • DarrenFreakinPotter

    Party Rock is in the house tonight! And Taryn is obviously not part of Party Rock because that girl just vanished.

    Is she pulling off a Cameron Mitchell?

    Anyway, the highlight singers in the music video for me are

    1.) Abraham Lim - like duh. He's obviously the homework round winner and i'm happy for that. I'm boarding the Limsanity train. The guy is sex on a stick and sings like a dream. And i dub him as the Blaikina Cohen-Changderson love child. He's seriously an Asian Fusion. I love it.

    2.) Nellie Veitenhiemer - She really is rockin this video and she's just so beautiful.

    3.) Michael Weismann - Nice to see a math geek loosen up, grab a drink, dance like a pop star and make out with every single girl in the room. It was a breath of fresh air f…

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