• Dancinkc137

    HEY THERE WIKIANS!!! I want to be your friend! Seriously! Just comment on the blog if you want to talk about TGP or anythin else because I really want to have a conversation with you! I'm kinda a loner but I love TGP and would really like to discuss debate it with someone so please comment. I want to get to know you! Who knows, maybe in the future, we could have a small group to debate/and discuss TGP!!! I want to talk to you!

    That is all.

    Farewell Amigos

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  • Dancinkc137

    Blellie - One Shot

    September 8, 2012 by Dancinkc137

    Ok this is my first fanfic (unless you count my Pokemon story from 4th grade...). Anywaysss, it's a Blellie One-Shot and I know it may be the taddest bit corny, but please read!!!!! If you do read be sure to leave a comment about what you thought...thanks!!!!!!!!

    A feeling of impending doom overtook Nellie as she shivered. It was a about 5:00 PM, a few hours after the "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" music video shoot, and she was physically and mentally exhausted. Physically, because she had a 102 degree fever, and mentally because she had to overcome her fear and "be sexy" during the video shoot today.

    "Blake must think I'm an idiot...he's so beautiful, inside and out, and here I am, struggling to feel the slightest bit confident…

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  • Dancinkc137


    July 20, 2012 by Dancinkc137

    Does any have an online link (that works) to watch Theatricality? I've been looking for hours!


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  • Dancinkc137

    Congrats Brittana21!

    September 13, 2011 by Dancinkc137

    Just wanted to say congrats to everyone whos worked on this wiki, it looks great!!!!


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