Hey! So, last round you voted your top 5 performances, and then you saved 2 from elimination! These were the eliminated contestants:

  • Matheus Fernandes
  • Samuel Larsen
  • Hannah McIalwin

​And now, a new round beggins, Michael and Madonna! Here are the performances:

  • Nerdish (Cameron-Damian): Heal The World
  • Showkillers ( Alex-Lindsay): Smooth Criminal
  • Marissa Von Blacken: Vogue
  • Mckinleigh Abraham: Man In The Mirror
  • Emily Vasquez: Give it 2 Me
  • Tigers (Blake-Michael): Thriller
  • Ali Stroker: Like a Virgin
  • Aylin Bayramoglu: Papa Don´t Preach
  • Lily Mae Harrington: Material Girl
  • Shannah Henderson: Like a Prayer
  • Nellie Veitenheimer: Billie Jean
  • Charlie Lubeck: Black Or White
  • Dani Shay: Bad

Those are the performances! Vote your TOP 5 for them not to get to the bottom 5!

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