Hey guys! Auditions are now over and 7 contenders (five and a team) didn´t passed through. They are:

  • Tyler Ford
  • Bryce Johnson
  • Abraham Lim
  • Heart (Maxfield-Taryn)
  • Ellis Wylie
  • Mario Bonds

Now, the rounds of The Face Off oficially begin! The theme this week is HeartBrake! each contender will sing a song related to the theme, and you will choose the top 5! After I have enough votes, I´ll reveal the bottom 5 with their respective songs for you to vote 3 to go home! Here are the performances:

  • Samuel Larsen- My Funky Valentine
  • Nerdish (Cameron-Damian)- Yesterday
  • Showkillers (Alex-Lindsay): The Winner Takes It All
  • Hannah Mclalwin- Beatiful
  • Marissa Von Blacken- Don´t Let Me Get Me
  • Matheus Fernandez- Hope It Gives You Hell
  • Mckinleigh Abraham- Before He Cheats
  • Emily Vasquez- Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
  • Tigers ( Blake-Michael)- Everybody Hurts
  • Ali Stroker- I Will Allways Love You
  • Aylin Bayramoglu- Don´t Speak
  • Lily Mae Harrington- Rolling In the Deep
  • Shannah Henderson- Give Your Heart a Break
  • Nellie Veitenheimer- Left (original song)
  • Charlie Lubeck- Don´t Go Breaking My Heart
  • Dani Shay- Big Girls Don´t Cry

​That´s it guys, VOTE YOUR TOP 5! then, I´ll reveal the bottom 5 with their songs and you´ll choose 3 to go home.

Thanks for voting! ;)

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