Hey guys! I will create a TGP competition featuring all 26 TGP contenders. It will be like this:

First, I am posting the 26 TGP contenders whith their auditions song, I want you to vote 6 who won´t make it to round one. When Round 1 starts, there will be a theme each week, and the contenders will sing a song related to it, and you should leave your votes for the top 5. I´ll pick new songs for the bottom 3, you´ll leave your votes again, and someone will be eliminated!

So, here I leave the contenders and their auditions:

  • Samuel Larsen-Jolene
  • Nerdish (Damian Mcginty- Cameron Mitchell)- I Just Haven´t Met You Yet
  • Showkillers ( Alex Newell, Lindsay Pearce)- Buenos Aires
  • Hannah Mclalwin- True Colors
  • Marissa Von Blacken- Hate On Me
  • Matheus Fernandez- Down
  • Mckynleigh Abraham- Last Name
  • Emily Vasquez- Grenade
  • Ellis Wylie- Sweet Spender
  • Bryce Johnson- Satellite
  • The Tigers (Blake, Michael)- Eye Of the Tiger
  • Ali Stroker- Popular
  • Aylin Bayramoglu- Take a Bow
  • Lily Mae Harrington- Someone Like You
  • Shanna Henderson- What Doesn´t Kill You
  • Abraham Lim- Hold It Against Me
  • Nellie Veitneheimer- Lights
  • Charlie Lubeck- Fix You
  • Mario Bonds- Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  • Tyler Ford-Smile
  • Dani Shay- I´m Yours
  • Heart (Maxfield-Taryn)- Back to Tennessee

Those are the auditions! Please vote 6 you consider won´t make it to the next round! Thanks :)

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