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  • CensoredColors

    Hey guys! So, this round was movies! And this are the calld back acts:

    • Shanna
    • Nellie
    • Aylin

    And here we have the bottom 2 and their performances:

    • Tigers (Michael-Blake): Animal
    • Marissa:? Hate On Me

    Again, save 1 from elimination!?

    Thanks for voting :)

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  • CensoredColors

    Hey guys! So, it´s been another round, and here´s the callback list:

    Called Back
    Not Called Back

    We will all miss Showkillers :(

    So, we have our top 5! This week´s theme is movies! That´s right, they´ll all be doing songs from the best movies ever! Here are the performances:

    Nellie Veitenheimer- Skyfall

    Marissa Von Bleicken- You´re The One I Want

    Tigers (Blake-Michael)- Jesse´s Girl '

    Shanna Henderson- My Heart Will Go On

    Aylin Bayramoglu- Stayin´ Alive

    So, vote your TOP 1 favourite performance this round to save from bottom 2!

    Thanks for voting!

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  • CensoredColors

    Hey guys! First of all, sorry it´s been a long time since last votation, but I´m back with this :) So, this round was Current Hits, and, in the end these were the bottom 3 and their performances:

    • Shannah Henderson-Ronan
    • Showkillers(alex-lindsay)- Bad Romance
    • Aylin Bayramoglu- Take a Bow

    ​Again, save 1 from elimination, the one with the lowest votes will be eliminated.

    Thanks :)

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  • CensoredColors

    Hey guys! Welcome to a new face off round! So, last week, the eliminated act was:

    • Nerdish (Damian-Cameron)

    And now a new round begins: Current hits! Here are the performances:

    • Showkillers (Alex-Lindsay): Dye Young
    • Marissa Von Bleicken: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    • Tigers (Michael-Blake): Gangnam Style
    • Aylin Bayramoglu: Blow Me One Last Kiss
    • Shanna Henderson: Diamonds
    • Nellie Veitenheimer:  Some Nights

    So, there are only 6 acts remaining! Vote your TOP 2 performaces this time!

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  • CensoredColors

    Hey guys! It´s Broadway round, and you voted your top 3 performances, finally these is the bottom 3 and their performances:

    • Tigers-(michael-blake): Under Pressure
    • Nerdish(cameron-damian): If You Ever Come Back
    • Aylin Bayromoglu: Without You

    This is a very intense bottom 3! Save two from elimination!

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