Chapter 1: New Kid at School

The sound of the bell rang throughout the halls of McKinley. Cameron Mitchell, a tall nerd with dirty blond hair and thick framed glasses, was walking towards down the hall for the first day of school. Recently transferring from his school in Texas, he didn't know what to expect - the school was huge and he felt like an outcast. It felt like everyone was staring at him as he made his way to his locker. 

"Hey! New kid!" voices echoed through the hall, so everyone could hear.

Cameron turned around, just as the jocks threw icy blue slushies in his face. Cameron gasped, whipping his slush-stained glasses off his face.

"Welcome to McKinley High, LOSER!" one of the jocks cried out, the others laughing around him while Cameron tried to catch his breath. It was the coldest thing he had ever felt in his life - his face and neck were numb and his eyes stung from the syrup. Wiping his eyes as he tried to regain his sight, one of the jocks vilontly shoved him against the lockers and walked away, the others following suite. 

Cameron slid to the ground, rubbing his eyes and shivering. He watched people look at him as they passed by, even though none bothered to help. The halls were almost empty until a girl with dark brown hair and sparkling blue eyes rushed up to him. Behind her was a boy with a blue polo top and jeans. 

"Oh God, are you okay?" she asked Cam, holding out a hand to help him up.

"Yeah," Cameron groaned, wiping the slushie out of his eyes. "Just freezing cold."

"We need to get you to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Damo, can you get a spare change of clothes from your locker and meet me in the bathroom?"

"Sure thing Linds," the boy said dashing off. Cameron noticed he had a thick Irish accent. The girl grabbed Cameron's hand and pulled him to the bathroom.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Cameron Mitchell. I've just transferred here from Texas. I guess I'm an outcast here," he said, sadly, as they rounded a corner to approach a bathroom.

"Linsay Pearce. And that was Damian McGinty who should be back with some clothes for you to borrow," she said as she dragged Cameron into the washroom. "This kind of thing happens to all of us."

"Who's all of us?" asked Cameron. "And what exactly did happen?"

"All of us glee club members," Lindsay responded. "Show Choir and social suicide. We get slushie facials almost everyday, like the one you just got." Lindsay grabbed a roll of paper towels and handed some to Cameron and he wiped the remaining slush off his face. "It's the kind of thing we get used to here. If you're not a Cheerio or a jock, you're basically a social outcast here."

"Being the new kid around here doesn't help either," Damian said as he entered the bathroom. "The first few weeks I arrived were horrible. The jocks love picking on the new kids."

"Slushies everyday must be painful," Cameron said, rinsing the blue ice out of his hair and roughly drying it with a towel. He took the clothes from Damian and went to change in a cubicle.

"You should think about joining Glee Club," Lindsay said. "The slushies become easier to manage, even though the school doesn't care. At least you get a place where everyone is welcome."

"I'll think about it," Cameron said, unsure as he emerged from the cubicle, wearing Damian's clothes. He placed his stained clothes in a plastic bag. "It's just that I'm already a social outcast here. I fully expect to be picked on for the next couple of weeks and joining Glee might feed the fire."

Cameron cleaned off the last smudges on his glasses before pushing the door of the bathroom open. 

"Thanks guys. I've got to get to class." 


Next Time: Will Cameron join the Glee Club? And there will be more characters getting slushied. Hannah McIalwain will also be introduced next time as a friend in Glee. And this won't be Cameron's last slushie.

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