I have gotten a couple of requests from some users asking if they could be an admin, and I understand that! But I'd just like to point out that, it gets annoying when you ask me whenever I'm online! Now, there are about two of you, who have asked two or three times, but it's not annoying because you're so, so sweet!! Then there are others who just ask. And ask. And ask. Just incase you don't realize it, that just makes your chances much, much slimmer! Because of all of this, I have decided to add a rule to the official TGP Wiki rules, Do not ask to become an admin!. If you ask me this from this point forth, you will have a strike. Remember, if you're wondering, you probably don't have one, but if you want to know for sure that you don't have a strike, just ask :)


I've auditioned to be on some of the teams, but you haven't let me in so that means I can't ever be an admin.

No, no! The reasons I wouldn't have let you in are...

  • We currently have enough members
  • All you wrote was "I nominate myself" or "I want to join"
  • I just don't think you're fit for the job

How did so and so become an admin? They're only a member of one team, if any!

They became an admin because I thought they were fit for the job. Here are the requirments:

  • Must be a member of at least one team
  • Must have made at least 550 edits
  • At least 3 gold badges
  • Show me you're responsible

The things I suggest you doing:

  • Joining as many teams as possible
  • Edit a lot, too much!
  • Get to know me! I won't bite... Well... Yeah, I won't bite! ;)

Can I be a chat moderator?

Sure thing! We're still looking for two more! There aren't very many requirments, to find out what they are go here

Feel free to ask any more questions!

Thank You!

-Keira (Here's the magic comb For LINDSAY 02:31, September 17, 2011 (UTC))

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