Alright, the time has come! Every one who wants to be an admin must read this page to learn how.

Samtana drunkTumblr l8pbmmQRzE1qbo0j1

This is the first step to becoming an admin, so I recomend reading through this entire page and then nominating yourself to become a part of the The Update Team.

If this doesn't sound like something you'd like to do, you do not have to do it. There will be 5 steps to becoming an admin, but you only have to complete 3. But I must warn you... The more you complete the better chance you have.

It's not mentioned on the page, but if updating the homepage once a month becomes to much for you, or it just isn't as fun as you intended, then don't sweat it, quit. I won't be mad at you, and neither will anyone else, I'll take over your job until we find you a replacement. I would totally understand.

Damian and lindsay

So, you gonna join? I suggest you do, I think it'll be fun. It'll be like... You have all the power in the world of The Glee Project Wiki!!

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