Hello :) This is just a quick blog I'm making to keep everyone on the Wiki informed about what's going on. If you have any questions just ask me or my co-admin Vonpearceshipper.

Home Page

I've been getting a lot of requests lately for the home page and we've been working really hard to put these great ideas to good use. I think right now we're all caught up, but if you guys have any suggestions feel free to let one of us admins know either my talk page or comments. I've redone the Wiki design and I hope everyone likes it!! I personally felt those orange colors were getting old and that we needed something new. Again, if you have any suggestions, just let someone know. I'm going to be opening up a suggestions page and I'll make a new blog post for that after. This Wiki depends on YOU and what you want. I promise we'll never do anything unfair or any big un-needed changes without informing you or asking your opinion first. Thanks for all the imput, we always listen!

Season 2

I know that none of us are auditioning for the second season of The Glee Project, which kind of makes me sad because I know how much great talent we have, but that's fine :) If I'm wrong on this or you've changed your mind, just let me know, me and the rest on the wiki will be cheering you on no matter how far you go!! I'm hoping that with this upcoming season our Wiki will start to really take off, now that we all know none of TGP things are aloud on Glee Wiki. Let me know in the comments what you're most looking forward to this upcoming season, do you think it's going to be as good? Just tell me whatever you want xD

Admins/Chat Moderators/Teams

All of the teams we have are starting over. Completely. If you're already on a team, you're going to have to re-audition and I really apologize for that, but it's just to keep the Wiki more orginized. We've also deleted a couple teams for being unnessasary but we might be adding in some new ones (again, suggestions welcome!) Here is the page with the current teams... Right over there...--><-- We currently have one chat moderator along with the admins and we thank her so much!! LindsayPearceFan! You probably know the anons pretty well, but sometime in the New Year, I personally would like to add one person to our team. I'm not saying right away like in January, but between January and June so that's 5 months (crazzy!!). They must be someone committed to the Wiki and to watching the show and knowing about every member and something I've noticed lately that's really helpful is someone who is openminded. Here are the rules to becoming an admin.

User Updates

I'll add anything you want :)

Random Admin Updates

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