Hey, I'm a new user here, the name is AJ, and I just wanted to introduce myself. I also have an issue I need a bit of help with xD So in the Superfan Search contest, there are a couple of things I am wondering:

  1. Where are the extra points some of the competitors have coming from? Like some are ahead of the usual first place pack by a couple extra points, and how is that?
  2. I am trying to earn the 'Romanticality' badge, but it won't check off the "Watch the music video" mission under the badge. I have watched the video under the 'latest videos' section mutiple times, trying everything, but it still won't check. Help?

Thanks for reading, and if you could help that would be awesome :) I can't wait to get to know some of you here! If you want to have a more in depth...knowing? of me, check out my profile on the TD wiki ^^ If you know either of the answers to my problems, you could talk page me or post a comment, that would be awesome

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