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    Hi guys, I've officially decided to do my own version of TGP! Sadly, I won't be making a wiki because I don't know how to do all of that kind of stuff (unless someone wanted to do it?) that would be entirely up to you. I'll have 12 contenders performing for a role on Glee! So as you know, I need 6 boys and 6 girls.

    Audition Form:






    Appearance (Celebrity portrayer as well):


    Best Two Theme's:

    Worst Two Theme's:

    Lcp choices:

    Why They Should Win:

    What Makes Them Stand Out In Individuality?:

    What Makes Them Stand Out In Vulnerability?:

    What Makes Them Stand Out In Sexuality?:

    What Makes Them Stand Out In Vocal-ability?:

    What Makes Them Stand Out In Adapt-ability?:

    What Makes Them Stand Out In Theaticality?:


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  • BrandonLane

    The Talent Auditions

    October 31, 2012 by BrandonLane

    So, as most know there was some drama with my old fan-fic that I launched called The Glee Factor. A TGP wikian stold my ideas, so now I'm re-launching it. It will be completely changed. While some of the rules still comply, there will be many differences. You will create a character, who will compete with twelve others to win a record deal. There will be four judges on the panel. In the end, two contenders who do the worst will have a diva-off to try and impress the judges for safety. The contender who wowed the judges the most each week, will not have to perform in the next week. Making them automatically safe that week.

    Audition Form:






    Musical Backround & Vocal Range:

    Audition Song:

    Songs to perf…

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  • BrandonLane

    Glee Factor

    October 30, 2012 by BrandonLane


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