Template Song Page

Song Name
Nowadays 3


Original Recording Artist

Sung By:

Glee Project Contender




Homework Assignment, Music Video or Last Chance Performance

Song Title was the Homework Assignment/Music Video/Last Chance Performance sung by Glee Project Contender in the nth episode of the nth season of The Glee Project; Episode Name. It was originally by Original Recording Artist/from the musical Musical. Other info e.g. Who won HWA? etc.


Note: Contender names should be in bold. Each line of the song should be on a separate line.

Contender X: Line 1

Line 2

Contender Y: Line 3

Line 4

Contender X and Contender Y: Line 5

Line 6


Video should be to the left with a caption saying "Song Title - Contender X"


Photos should be in a slide show in the centre. No photoshopped photos.

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