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  • BetterLateThanNever

    This is just a general post to say... I'm back. I do realise that I was only meant to be gone for a week and that that was almost a month ago but. I had a holiday and then I moved to my uni house and then it was freshers week and then it was my first week of lectures etc. Basiclly, I've been busy. But I'm back now and picking up my responsibilities as an admin.

    If anyone has bothered to read this or has noticed (or cared) that I was gone then thank you.

    Peace off.

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  • BetterLateThanNever


    September 13, 2011 by BetterLateThanNever

    Hey guys,

    I'm off to Prague for just under a week starting tomorrow so I'll be gone for a little while (hopefully I'll be back before Glee S3 kicks off :D). Don't worry, when I return it will be business as usual and feel free to leave questions/ messages on my talk page and I'll pick them up when I get back.

    See you next week!

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  • BetterLateThanNever


    September 11, 2011 by BetterLateThanNever

    So... I was checking out the stats for this wiki and it has a very low number of hits and only 43 people have even earned the welcome to the wiki badge. Now obviously this is a very new wiki so it's only to be expected that it's a little barren because it will take a while for people to stumble across it. In the mean time though I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to how to make this wiki better and more visited. Maybe you have a website or a tumblr where you could direct TGP fans towards this wiki or maybe you have a stellar idea to get more visitors some other way. Start brainstorming people :D

    I just found this

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  • BetterLateThanNever

    Matheus Fernandes

    September 9, 2011 by BetterLateThanNever

    Matheus' page was incorrectly titled Matheus Fernades rather than Matheus Fernandes. I have changed the page and redirected Matheus Fernades but in the mean time this wiki is riddled with instances where Matheus' name is misspelled/ linked incorrectly because of the original error on the page. I'm not asking anyone to take the time to go through every page but if you do happen to be editing a page where his name is misspelled or linked incorrectly can you please try to correct this error. If everyone just changes his name in a few places then pretty soon it will be like the mistake never happened in the first place. :D


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  • BetterLateThanNever

    Song Pages

    September 7, 2011 by BetterLateThanNever

    Song Title was the Homework Assignment/Music Video/Last Chance Performance sung by Glee Project Contender in the nth episode of the nth season of The Glee Project; Episode Name. It was originally by Original Recording Artist/from the musical Musical. Other info e.g. Who won HWA? etc.

    Note: Contender names should be in bold. Each line of the song should be on a separate line.

    Contender X: Line 1

    Line 2

    Contender Y: Line 3

    Line 4

    Contender X and Contender Y: Line 5

    Line 6

    Video should be to the left with a caption saying "Song Title - Contender X"

    Photos should be in a slide show in the centre. No photoshopped photos.

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