Hello fellow Contributors! I hope you're all ready for the next episode!

There has been much speculation as to who will leave this episode... most of it centered on Nellie due to the EOTT (Eye of the Tiger) lyrics sheet. Others believe that Ali will be the one to go because they think it says ALL at the top, not ALI. Still others hope for a no elimination tomorrow night.

I personally believe Nellie is going home. I am very sad about this because who can I partner with Blake now? I think Ali is very beautiful and can be cute, so maybe them? I don't know, we'll see.

The Music Video was very interesting. When I first watched it I was disgusted and nearly threw my computer through my cat (I don't own a cat, that's how grossed out I was.) But after watching it three or four....hundred...more times I grew to like it very much. I personally loved it when Abraham was chilling (teehee) in the freezer and Blake/Michael were doing their solos next to it. Then his solo and dance move was amazing. And then his arm movement dancing. And everything to do with him in this video was wonderful.

I loved watching Blake's Boy George, very good! And his arm-worm was cool along with his shoulder rolls.

Ali really opened my eyes. Gorgeous, and what a voice. I think she did well, and that she won the HWA.

In my opinion, Aylin, Lily, Nellie, and Shanna did poorly. Michael did okay.

But all of these things are my opinion! Many have other opinions!

Who will be right? And who will go home? We find out this and more on the next episode of...


Edit 1 (Episode Airing -2 hrs):

Looks like Nellie will for sure be going home, folks. A spoiler promo came out showing as much. Let's all take a moment to remember the good things she's given us.

Edit 2 (Episode Airing -5 min.):

I'm so excited for this episode! I've only seen the music video about 78 hundred times :) I'm ready to see what happened to make Nellie leave!

Edit 3 (Episode Airing... Now!):

Recapping the past episode! Poor Charlie :/ 8 contenders left!

Michael thinks he and Blake are so similar, and they are both best friends. Blake doesn't like having to compete against him. Michael would be nom his foot to win!

It's quiet without Charlie... a bad quiet.

And it's Theatricality! Ali is super pumped, same with Lily.

HWA I hope I get it from Chorus Line! Michael doesn't know it, but he knows he needs to step it up.

Edit 4 (3 minutes in)

Lily tries to choreograph. Aylin is getting annoyed without Charlie, and Lily takes control and thinks Theatricality is something she embodies completely.

Sebastian (Grant Gustin) is the guest mentor and loves their reaction when he walks in.

They all start off singing together, with Shanna getting the first solo.

Abraham's part is so much lower than normal! Sounds good!

Blake was kind of plain, same with Shanna, Abraham, Michael, Nellie and Aylin. I liked Lily and Ali, same with Grant.

Grant said that Michael/Nellie needed to be more confident, and that Lily was super fun to watch, but that Ali embodied Theatricality.

And Ali wins! Lily gives that look... That "I want to rip your throat out for stealing from me" look.

Michael, Aylin, Abraham, Blake (very much so), Lily, Ali, and Shanna love their characters, but Nellie is like uggghhhh.

Edit 5 (1st commercial break):

Lily doesn't know how Cindy Lauper moves. Makes sense, because I didn't see anything of Cindy in her performance except for the hair when I watched the MV. The choreography is supposedly simple, and just poses. Looks a little more complicated than that, but not a whole lot.

Nikki and (other guy in booth?) talk about how whoever was being recorded should answer the question, that it's not too hard. Shanna says the smell of the meat dress is unbearable. Wonder if that affects her performance...

Edit 6 (16 minutes in)

Michael struggles in the booth, again. Sadly. Abraham kind of avoided the question of whether or not he performs androgynously... and he kinda was flat in the booth too. Lily did pretty well. Shanna doesn't like the dress, but she works it!

Zach says this week is Ali's week. The mentors LOVED Michael and Aylin's shot, but felt like Lily was the least like her character. The smell of Shanna's dress has gotten horrible and is very distracting. But the mentors think she's doing wonderfully.

And Music Video! I won't recap that, but read back through for Grant's comments to the contenders!

Edit 7 (2nd commercial break)

I think it'll be Lily, Nellie, and I guess Abraham in the bottom 3 but I thought he did the best in the video. High will be Ali, low Michael with Shanna and Blake In. Lily looks like she really likes her LCP song, or she was just really over the top for not being in the bottom 3, which would probably make me hate her if I were one of the bottom 3. (She thew her hands in the air and fell to the ground and screamed YES!)

Edit 8 (Bottom 3 reveal)

Ali is first on callback list! Again! No surprise there.

Shanna, Blake, and Aylin are in. They did a great job.

Aylin is "so freaking close to being on Glee!"

Michael: Grant noticed his confidence issues, and that is a note he's gotten many times. He struggled in the studio.

Nellie: She felt awkward as Britney Spears, Zach needs her to dive in headfirst.

Abraham: The androgynous comment threw him off because he grew up being bullied for being feminine. Nikki says it isn't a bad thing, many of the best pop stars.

Lily: No character during the MV

Nellie's song is I'm the only one by Melissa Ethridge

Abraham: StereoHearts by Gym Class Heroes and Adam Levine

Lily: Someone like you by Adele

Abraham is SUPER jealous of Lily. It's actually super cute :P

Edit 9 (3rd commercial break)

Well, it looks like we're getting Lily's F-bomb. And...surprise! There's actually 2 of them! She can apparently "act my way out of a &#$%ing box."

Abraham gets to rap. Asian's can't rap according to him. Problematic? I doubt it. Can't wait to hear him sing Stereohearts!

Lily is extremely confident for her song, while Nellie is just worried about showing her confidence.

The bonus scene is about Zach's choreographing style. Aylin loves him, Shanna thinks it's awesome the way he doesn't choreograph to counts, but to sounds like "boom doom tah!" They think he's a brilliant choreographer. I'm going to stop typing that word cause it's long.

Edit 10 (LCPs)

Nellie with I'm the Only One. It's kinda low...she's working the sexy though! Not my favorite of her performances... whicih is what I was nervous for.

Ryan said it was super passionate, the most he's ever seen her. He doesn't like her lack of passion during the week. They ask if she wants her to be on Glee, and she does, but she doesn't want to have her hopes crushed.

Abraham... sounds sooooo good. His rapping is actually super good, except I think he messed up the words on the rap. I'm not sure though. It was good to start, but got funky in the middle, then good at the end. Abraham got the "drop the Diva" comment.

The Androgynous comment made him freeze. But he accepts it now, and was passionate about it when discussing with Ryan.

Lily starts poorly, in my opinion. She is singing safely, and it has no soul. As MelissatheGleek put it, "her fake emotional singing is pathetic." Zach and Nikki seemed to like it. Or at least Zach. Ryan thinks he acted a character during this performance.

Ryan thinks the lesson was clear, and that she didn't portray a character. She fights the directions. Again. She weighs 240 lbs apparently. She drops the f bombs. She bothers me. She thinks she was given conflicting directions in choreography.

'Edit 11' (Elimination)

Lily thinks she's going home. Lily and Aylin hug first. Nellie has been going back and forth between whether or not she's going home. Lily doesn't think she deserves to leave. Abraham says he has so much more to give.

Abraham is safe. Lily is safe. Nellie.. is crying. Because she's gone.So sad.

Every is teary, because it's obvious they all liked her.

Nellie's KHO is pretty dang good.....


Entire music video is one shot, and it's the gym (dodgeball) scene. Ali can't get it, and Blake goes over and gives her a pep talk, telling her to not let it get in her head. Shanna gets sick, and is still wearing the knee brace. A twist that I don't think any of us thought of, but if one person screws it up, they all have to start over.

Alright well, that's all! We'll miss you, Nellie, and best of luck in the future!

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