Hello fellow Contributors! I hope you're all ready for the next episode!

Last episode, the fan favorite left the show, and everyone knew who would be leaving. This episode has a lot more mystery, and almost anyone could be leaving!

Many people speculate that Abraham will be the one to go, based on the Australian promo and his activity on social media. Others think that there is no way TGP would spoil that much in a promo.

Lily is the next most speculated because of her struggling in the booth so much and due to the fact that she is supposed to reconcile with Aylin this episode.

No matter what, the bottom three will most likely have Abraham and Lily. The third spot is wide open for anyone to take! Ali couldn't make her shot, but she kept going and eventually found an awesome solution, which the mentors really liked. Shanna faded away in the video, but she has a broken kneecap. That's tenacious in and of itself.

No matter what, this episode should prove to be a great one! Stay tuned for the Live Blog at 10ET!

Edit 1:


The Glee Project :)

Aylin is pumped because they're so close! According to Abraham, everything matters.

Robert walks in! Lily thinks she has grown so much, and she thinks it would suck to leave now. Theme for the week is Tenacity. Ali thinks that means overcoming obstacles, and that she grew up embodying that. HWA is survivor. Abraham also thinks he is tenacious. He apparently wanted to be a lawyer? Huh.

Lily says people are flat in the practice. Teehee.

Amber walks in! Shanna is excited to have someone else who can belt to Jesus in the house!

IMO: Blake was strong, and Shanna was too. Lily was off-beat, and Michael seemed too smiley. Everyone was over the top, mostly in a good way. Ali was awesome, wheeling down steps and stuff.

Amber wanted Abraham to be less Diva. Lily didn't connect with the song, Aylin sounded great and did a great job. Ali was MOVING. And Ali wins! Aylin thinks she should have won.

HWA is Eye of the Tiger!

Edit 2:

Abraham was a little squeaky, Shanna and Blake really nailed it, and Nikki said she loves to work with Blake. Michael struggled again. Ali did a good job too, though.

Lily overpowers people and she is flat. Lily is upset with Aylin for saying she's so loud. But it's true, so I don't think Lily can be upset with her.

Edit 3:

They give a run through of the obstacle course, and it's absolutely ridiculous. Nikki can't be there because she's recording for Glee.

Michael messed up first, but Blake threw the ball a little high. Michael is thinking what would Blake do, but then do it way better.

Lily was standing with the ball and not doing anything and she can't strip fast enough. The jump ropers keep forgetting to sing. They end up having to remove one of the jump ropes. Abraham biffs it into a door, and twists an ankle. Aylin thinks that Abraham is more worried about playing up his ankle and that's why he keeps messing up. Shanna throws up but keeps going. Shanna and Blake give Ali a pep talk and it's so sweet of everyone.

And MV time!

One contender held up the whole shoot, could it be Abraham?

Edit 4:

Reveal of the Bottom 3!

The group wowed the mentors in 4 takes. Everyone is in pain, and they worked well as a team.

Ali was great, Shanna was tenacious and Blake was consistently great. All are High.

The 4 jump ropers are low. Michael struggled in the booth, so did Abraham and Lily. Abraham was flat.

Aylin never hit a hurdle, but she lost her focus.

Michael is performing, so is Abraham. Aylin is safe, so Lily is performing.

Lily is doing I'm the Greatest Start from Funny Girl

Michael: Brick by Ben Folds Five

Abraham: Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson

Abraham is super emotional, and he's not going down without a fight. His practice is pretty pitchy.

Edit 5:

Bonus video is Ali and Blake talking about jockstraps. It was pretty dang hilarious. She doesn't understand the difference between a jockstrap and a cup. Blake is definitely athletic, you can tell.

Michael is first. He's not as good of a singer as anyone left in the competition, especially Blake.

His performance was spectacular. Ryan thinks it's a tough song to sing, and he nailed it. Ryan thinks Blake would never had stumbled, Ryan tells him to grin when he messes up, and bounce back.

Abraham is next, and his ankle was injured remember?

He starts off pretty well. It becomes kind of forgettable except for the platform shoes.

Abraham's laser focus was not there. Ryan says he was using his ankle as an excuse.

"I'm not freaking leaving" wasn't there. Confusing....?

Lily was next. She nailed that performance. She was comedic, blah blah blah it was wonderful. Lily was frustrated to begin with because Aylin said a rude comment. Throwing Aylin under the bus much?

And Abraham comes back out and says his line. That was diva for sure. Ryan really likes Abraham. Wow that was the strangest thing.

Abraham said he wasn't leaving, then Ryan said he didn't care about Abraham coming out there and saying that, he thought Abraham was going to sing again but he didn't. then he left and Ryan said he could still write a role for him but they had to judge who was leaving based on the performances from this week.

Edit 6:

Abraham is gimping a little as he walks. He thinks he's going home.

And Abraham is gone. No surprise there. But he is apparently. He really thought he would be there until the end.

That was a pretty awesome KHO!

Next week! Romanticality.

Aylin and Shanna, Blake and Ali, Michael Lily are paired up!

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