Hello, everyone.

Well, it's finally here. The finale has arrived, and it should be a doozy. I am in two minds about The Glee Project season 2 coming to an end. On the one hand, I am very much looking forward to seeing who wins. All of the remaining contenders deserve to win, and I wish each of them the best in what will no doubt be illustrious careers. On the other hand, I don't want it to be over. I just hate the idea that I won't be able to write these blogs anymore, especially since we have no idea whether or not there will be a third season. I'll miss all of the people who are on here so often, and I'll miss all of the contenders. Even the ones I didn't like. The Glee Project for me symbolizes Summer. This and last year's summer was filled with speculation, tribulation, and celebration all from TGP. As TGPS2 comes to an end, so does my summer and college starts up once more. Fitting? Yes. Sad? Most definitely.

But enough about my woes! It's Finale time!

Normally in my preambles I write a summary of all the speculations and hints that have been dropped. NOTHING. EXISTS. Everyone has been tight-lipped and we have no idea who wins, or even how many winners there are. The vast majority of people believe Aylin wins because her story is just begging to be written to, but she may be the least talented of the three overall. Blake is a magnificent actor, something Glee desperately needs, but he can be bland at times. Ali has a powerful voice, and can play many different roles. Some people are concerned that there isn't enough room for 2 handicapable actors sharing the stage, but as long as her handicap isn't her main feature I think it can work.

It seems like this season's finale is going to be structured much like last season's, with all of the eliminated contenders coming back and singing back up for the HWA, a music video featuring the top 3, and then the FCPs (Final Chance Performance... you guys like?) with all of the contenders and mentors watching. No surprises there, we all kind of assumed that was going to be the case. It'll be interesting to see if Ryan sticks to his "Only one winner" like he said at the beginning of the season. Maybe Ryan picks one winner, Brad picks another, and Ian chooses the last? Unlikely, but possible.

Also, many many many people have speculated (read hoped) that Michael and/or Lily win something, and the only reason they were eliminated was because they had already won. Initially I was very skeptical, but it does make a sort of sense. That would be very unexpected, and the other contenders might be a little upset, but they both did well enough to deserve it in my opinion.

I've got nothing else! In 30 hours the finale begins, and one hour later we must close what has been a wonderful summer.

Thank you all for reading my posts. You have no idea how much every view and comment means to me. It's been a blast.

Also! Trivia will be continuing this week! Winners of each question will get their names in the Blog, and the grand winner will get a prize! I will write them whatever style of writing they wish, whether it be a story, poem, joke, etc. as long as they want it of course.

See you all tomorrow at 10ET/9CT for the finale of The Glee Project Season 2!

Edit 1:

So I was initially going to have been kidnapped for the episode, but I couldn't stand the thought of missing the finale and potentially the last live blog. I've gotta do this! So I ditched. I'm with this to the end!

I can't wait. Here we go.

Edit 2:


Ali! Aylin! Blake!

It's the finale week! There's only 3 left, and it feels amazing, but it's not over yet. Ali is still in competition mode.

Blake is glad that they can mentally prepare themselves because they already know they're singing at the end of the week.

Robert comes in for the final time this season.

Aylin thinks that Robert saying that the theme is Gleeality makes it all so much more real.

You can't stop the beat from Hairspray is the HWA. Robert has arranged for them to work with some amazing backup vocalists. IT'S THE ELIMINATED CONTENDERS! I love the Aylin and Charlie reunion. It's so happy :)

Ali takes charge of the rehearsal, and Aylin is very glad about that. Gosh it's good to see Dani back.

The mentor is......Chris Colfer! He is the basically the reason why TGP was created!

Edit 3:

Blake starts, intense face for him but he sounds awesome. Aylin wasn't too hot, but they're all having fun. Blake is kinda stiff. Ali makes Kurt laugh and she sounds amazing. The eliminated contenders are having fun too! Everyone is just having so much fun. Fun fun fun fun. That's all it is!

Chris said Blake did amazing and he loved the intensity. Aylin kept the volume while moving which is hard and he loved Ali too.

Chris chooses all 3 for the winner. Not surprising.

Final HWA is Tonight Tonight!

They are given their characters. Sneaking out, Humble prom king, mean girl. Chris makes a funny when he says a "humble prom king" is a fictional character.

Choreography is tough for Ali, but Zach haves them all give him a hug at the end.

There will be a big special guest at the music video shoot! Can't wait to see!

Edit 4:

First trivia question: What is Ali's favorite song?

Krazysam16 answered first with If it's Magic! 1 point KrazySam!

Nikki thinks all three deserve to be there, but they still need to bring it in the booth. Blake is pushing hardcore, and making it sharp. His second try is awesome.

Aylin didn't memorize the lyrics, but sounded very great. So did Ali.

Everyone else was in groups in the booth and Nikki loved it.

Chris tells them to pick songs that they'll be happy performing 30 years from now, because he'll probably be performing 'Single Ladies' when he's 50.

Aylin is nailing the muslim sneakout, and Blake has been consistently ready. He could play so many different types of characters. Ali looks absolutely beautiful. She is the consumate performer.

The music video apparently isn't complete yet. He's gotta bring in the special guest.... Damian!

Edit 5:

Trivia 2: Which contender can burp on command?

Krazysam16 got it again with Lily! So 2 points for Krazysam haha

The music video is so amazing! Everyone seems to be having the time of their life, and the contenders absolutely portray the characters they were given. Ali is my favorite in the video and I just want them all to win. Seriously. Ali starts crying a little bit because it was the final video. Everyone gathers in for a group hug.

Trivia 3: What is Shanna's favorite restaraunt?

Krazysam16 again. Goodness guys, gotta catch up quick! Answer was Olive Garden.

Ryan is supposedly going to pick only one winner. Supposedly. Hopefully not.

Trivia 4: What is Michael's favorite band?

And someone other than Krazysam gets it! Superstarlala in a photo finish with Grateful Dead. KrazySam - 3, Superstarlala - 1

Edit 6:

Bottom 3 reveal? Wait no. Not quite. Just the final showdown. Aylin has chosen Rolling in the Deep by Adele. Ali is singing Popular from Wicked! That spoiler was right! Same with Aylin's! Blake has chosen I'll Be by Edward Mcabe? I don't know the singer but the song is awesome.

Ian Brennan will be there as well as the writer's, cast members of glee as well as the eliminated contenders. So many people! Lots of nerves.

Samuel, Damian, Darren, Amber, Grant, Dianna, plus all the elimanees, and writers, and mentors.. loaded crowd.

Edit 7:

Okay not sure what the ?s were but Krazysam has 4 now and Superstarlala has 2!

Final performances!

Ali is first with Popular!

She's so funny. She belongs in musical theater if not Glee. She's such a good dancer and has great comedic timing. And what a voice she has too oh my goodness. It was amazing. Ryan loved it and Zach fan girls. He thinks it's impossible to root against her.

Blake is next with I'll Be!

He sounds great. Woah that was a cool move. He did a microphone flip cross thing that was sweet. He's showing the vulnerable side. You can tell that Michael is rooting for Blake, because he's getting into it just as much as his best friend. That was seriously amazing. I loved it. Blake wrote a poem! bhahahaha it's so cute and happy. He's the whitest half cuban ever apparently. Everyone is crying basically. Ryan loved it just like everyone else.

Edit 8:

Aylin is last with Rolling in the Deep!

She's excited obviously. Amber is really getting into it. As Krazysam said, "WERQ IT." Charlie is obviously proud of his girlfriend, and she's rocking those notes!

Ryan loves her confidence, and he always has. She was just happy she remembered the words.

Darren Criss says they're all talented enough to be on the show, but Ali has that it factor. Dianna and Grant say Ali needs to be the winner. The writers loved Blake the most because of his poem. Charlie stands up for his girlfriend to Ryan, saying she could bridge the fear and intolerance of post 9/11... What a boyfriend. He got very emotional. Everyone is basically split three ways evenly. Ryan likes that Amber loved Aylin's voice. Blake is the most adaptive contender and they can do the most with him. Ali is just so easy to love! Rober t says that Blake has the clumsy Finn-like quality but that he's basically better. It's looking like it'll be Blake, honestly. But we'll see!

Edit 9:

Trivia 7 goes to Glee Project! Score is Krazysam - 4, Superstarlala - 2, Glee Project - 1

And we're back. For the end of the 2nd season. Hard night for Ryan and I'm pretty dang sure it has been for everyone else. Gotta wonder what Aylin thinks of what Charlie said about her, gotta love him.

Ryan loved Blake's leadership qualities, Ali's broadway quality, and Aylin's story and voice.

The winner... is... Blake!

I'm really surprised that no one else got anything.... Seriously? They all deserved it. They should all go on to do wonderful things though. MIchael basically attacked Blake haha what a powerful hug that bromance just produced.

Okay. That's it. Thank you all for staying with me and TGP throughout the Summer, and I hope I get to keep up with you all throughout the year!

I have loved every minute of this.


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