Hello everyone! I hope you're ready for tonight's episode :)

We're at T-1 hour until the start of Fearlessness! There has been much speculation about who goes home this episode, so I can't wait to see who gets out in the end!

Will it be the crowd favorite, Nellie, for lack of confidence? Or Michael for the same thing?

Will it be Aylin for losing focus?

Or will it be Charlie for just being all over the place?

This and more on the coming episode!

Edit1: And we start! Recapping :)

Aylin says she's fearless because she is flirty while coming from the muslim background!

Abraham thinks the HWA is going to be tough because he doesn't think Asians make good rappers.

Blake says it'll be tough because the song is so fast!

Nellie says she is going to try to pop more but is so outside of her comfort zone.

Edit2: Everyone FREAKS OUT when Jane Lynch walks in. Ali actually says she is freaking out in her talking head.

Jane gives a good talk, and is a much nicer person outside of Sue!

Edit3: Wow. That was a great HWA!

Michael was a little more uptight, but Blake did wonderfully for the guys! I enjoyed Abraham's as well. Everyone started off with their butts up in the air. Very weird. I felt like Charlie kind of flubbed his lines a little bit too.

Nellie forgets the lyrics, Nellie gets another critique to be standoutish.

Aylin and Lily do extremely well, but Jane picks Lily and Aylin is pissed.

Edit4: Nellie says she's completely uncomfortable in the swimsuit. Blake, Abraham, and Charlie comfort her because she is not ready for it.

Charlie and Blake say that their junk is 100% visible and that they look like superheroes. Interesting description.

Edit5: Charlie and Aylin are back in a relationship, holding hands and things! When he asks for a kiss, she says "Don't push your luck" in a slightly joking manner. In this scene, the "He may be my first ever boyfriend!" line comes up! And if Charlie is in the Bottom 3 again, that means every scene we'll have had of him has been seen.

Nellie does pretty well in the studio, but everyone is watching in the window this week to instill fear in the competition.

Charlie is looking out the window in the studio again. "He's all over the place again," says Nikki.

Abraham nails his, but Michael overthhinks it again, says it's a little high, and that he's having a hard time getting Nikki's direction into his performance. That's not really like him.

Edit6: Charlie is not having a good day in general.... He is way too distracted with Aylin and forgets to lipsync.

Nellie is still not being confident.... whyyyyy?

Lily nails everything she tries to do!

Ali forces Erik to let her be slushied, but her body is not very good at extreme temperatures and stops being able to breathe, but she does very well. Very fearless on her part.

And now the music video!


Ali feels good about what she did

Charlie tells Aylin to promise not to miss him if he goes

But she's afraid to like him because it would suck if one of them goes home

Ali and Lily nailed the whole week and are HIGH

Shanna, Blake, Abraham are IN

Charlie was just unfocused this week, apparently passive at the beginning of the week.

Aylin was disappointed in herself this week.

Nellie needed too many takes, but did do well.

Michael took too long to get his studio right.

Bottom 3: Nellie, Charlie, Aylin

Nellie: If I were a boy by Beyonce

Aylin: Take a bow by Rihanna

Charlie: It's not unusual by Tom Jones

Edit8: Charlie is nervous because he's been in the bottom 3 for 4 straight weeks now, while Nellie feels like she's going to do well because she's good at being emotional in music.

Charlie doesn't know what he'd do if Aylin left, but he wants to stay in the competition too... tough choice!

Everyone gets down to their underwear for the extra scene! Girls in sportsbras and booty shorts, while guys are in their boxers, and they act fearless while playing basketball and working out and hanging out. Interesting... wonder how Aylin's parents feel about THAT?

Edit9: Ryan agrees with the bottom 3 after watching the video shoot.

Aylin is confident walking out! Always a good sign! She is such a good singer, and really shows her emotions! Zach is loving it! I think everyone is actually :)

Ryan says he's never seen anyone laugh off the slushie, and the leading lady is both strong and vulnerable. He thinks Aylin is a game changer, and wants her to step up into that.

Charlie is absolutely nailing it, and goes to sit with the judges and sings to them. It is so funny, and everyone loved it.

Ryan is kind of tired of him failing during the week with professionalism, and that he doesn't know if what he's doing is the show.

Nellie nails hers too. Gosh darn. How are they going to choooooooooose?

Ryan wants her to be so much more confident, or at least to just go for it. Zach is tired of asking for her to be on glee instead of her working for it.

Edit10: Reveal of the bottom 3

Charlie wants all of them to say.

Charlie is gone! Aylin is super sad and they share a kiss in front of everyone. And makes her promise to give nothing less than her best. Everyone is super sad.

While I'm sad to see Charlie go, I am excited for what that will do for Aylin.

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