Hello fellow Contributors! I hope you're all ready for the next episode!

Only two episodes and 5 contenders remain, and one of my favorite seasons of the year is coming to a close. Having said that, I am extremely excited to see who will win TGP season 2! Only one episode stands in the way of Ali, Aylin, Blake, Lily Mae, and Michael making it to the finale. Who will make it through and who will fall short this close to the finish line? We'll just have to wait and see!

While there has been a lot of speculating on who leaves and who makes it through, there really hasn't been any solid proof for anything this week. No one can be confirmed to go home, and Ali is the only one who we assume is doing a Last Chance Performance for Actability. Many people assume that all 5 contenders will be performing for Ryan (like last year in Generosity), but we all know that it won't just be for Ryan. In one of the promos, Robert tells the remaining contenders that it will be up to "them" who makes it to the finale. "They" are assumed to be Ryan, Ian Brennan, and Brad Falchuk, the main writers of Glee, though that is not confirmed. Ian came to the last episode before the finale last year, and it would make sense to bring both of them back again this year.

Other suggestions for who "they" may be are some contenders from last season (although this could not include Alex, who was performing in Chicago during that week), or the eliminated contenders from this season (which sounds a little ridiculous to me, and doesn't fit the time frame.)

If all 5 contenders do perform, how many will make it through to the finale? Ryan said in Individuality that they would have to do a double elimination at some point, so the last time he could do that is in this episode. Having 5 people do LCPs would take a lot of time, and the judges would have a lot of difficulty choosing one or even two people to send home at this point. Even though there isn't any choreography for this week, the time needed for LCPs would overwhelm the episode, or else they would only be able to show a very small amount of the performance.

The guest mentor for this week is the ever-gorgeous Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray), and she had very good things to say about all of the contenders except Lily after the homework assignment, 'Addicted to Love' by Robert Palmer. Lily is then the only one who we can say for sure that she does not win the HWA. Other than that, it's free game, because we don't have much to go on from the video. Michael is the most highly speculated because he follows Dianna on twitter, and she is the only Glee cast member whom he follows (and he's a hardcore Mike Chang fan.) Also, she praised him more than the other contenders after the HWA.

It's impossible to judge who won from the music video, 'Perfect' by P!nk, because it is set up as a movie trailer, and is all acting instead of singing/dancing. There is some singing in the background, but it mostly takes a back seat to the story which is wonderful in my opinion. The story was written before the HWA even happened, so none of the plot can be used to determine who won the HWA, which only leaves the background singing to judge by. Neither of the boys had much in the way of solo lines, and neither did Lily, so if you are using that then you would have to speculate either Ali or Aylin as the winner. I personally hope that Michael wins because then everyone left would have won a homework assignment, which would be extremely cool! (Plus then the Admins would have been right to speculate that he did in fact win =D)

The music video itself is absolutely terrific. I'm surprised they didn't do something like this last year, because it is a wonderful idea, and I think it helps the mentors know more about what the contenders can do. Blake was fantastic as the villain and he was my favorite by far. Michael also did well and conveyed the emotions of his character perfectly, as did Aylin. Their love triangle was believable and all three of them portrayed their characters tremendously. Ali and Lily's story seemed ambiguous and while I know how it fits into the love triangle, I don't think it was necessary. That could either be the writers' fault or the fault of Ali and Lily for not telling the story very well. I would have preferred more time discussing the love triangle and leaving those two out of the video, but since they're in the episode I guess they should be allowed in, right? :P

A long preamble, I know, I know, I'm not supposed to do that. But there's so much to say about the episode even though there are no spoilers! I just want to tell you everything! But we'll have to wait until we know more :)

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During the commercial breaks on the Live Chat, we (LetItRock98, Abwiz92, and myself) will be doing Trivia for people to answer! Prizes are yet to be determined, but I will for sure be putting the winner's names in the Live Blog and I'll try to think of something spectacular! If anyone has any suggestions you should post them as a comment below!

Can't wait for the episode to start? Neither can I! See y'all soon!

From here on out, the live blog will be done by guest blogger Abwiz92. I'll be out and about so I'll miss the episode, but I can't wait to come back and read the amazing commentary Andrew will provide! Take it away, Abwiz92!


Hey Guys, Andrew Here! Everyone ready I sure am!

Update 1:

Okay so, its on! Aylin is excited and nervous there is only one more week left. Robert comes in and tells them the theme is Actability. Michael's first reaction is Blake since he is a true actor. Homework song was Addicted to Love, and Michael was the only one who knows the song. They rehearsed the song.

Robert walks in and Dianna Agron (the triple threat) walks in and Blake's first reaction is Wow she is really pretty uh duh XD. They say they are doing something different for the HW. They pull out the cards. They must convey their emotion through singing from the specific emotion they get. Michael gets Determined. Lily gets scared. Blake gets angry. Blake got Angry. Aylin got Anxious. Ali got Excited. Everyone but Lily gets good feedback. It came down to the Ali and Michael. Ultimately, Michael wins. Dianna and Robert explains the movie trailer thingy. Dianna gives out the contenders rules. Oh and there will be no Choreography this week.

Vocals! Everyone pretty much struggled except Lily. Lily has a mini break down talking how when she looks in the mirror yet she still thinks she is beautiful. Nikki admires her. Commercial!

Update 2:

Its back! Erik explains a little of his expectations. Erik tells Lily and Ali that this scene is all about Perfect. How she did this to you and she was perfect. Ali should reply I still am. Etc. They struggled to get the right moment. However Robert thinks the scene is all becoming about Lily. Ali is having trouble to stand out from Lily.

The park scene with Blaylin. They think Blake really excelled.

Michael and Dianna's mentoring session. They talk about the friendships for the scene where Blake and Michael. Blake and Michael had their fight. The mentors thought it was really good.

Aylin is getting really emotional with the Muslim Head scarve. She explains how she broke that stereotype and hates it. Aylin is crying.

Michael does his run for Aylin. Robert explains that picking the bottom 3 will be difficult.

The video is shown. Perfect was ultimately Perfect.

Update 3: Its back! The Revel of the Bottom 3. Robert explains he is very proud of them. Nikki loved seeing their growth. Nikki teared up. Zach believes they should all be here. Zach cried haha.

All 5 are performing. Ryan is bringing all the writers/ producers/ etc. Michaels song is Girls just want to have fun (ballad). Ali's song is Heres to us. Lily is singing Son of a Preacher Man. Blake's was I'm still standing. Aylin's is Fighter.

LCP time! First up is Michael. Did a pretty good job. They all loved it. They think he was natural.

Ryan thinks he is a sweetheart. Next is Lily. Zach is fangirling haha. Did a great job! Great voice! They loved it. Ian thinks she is interesting to write for. However he thinks she can 't be easy to direct. Commercial!

Update 4: Back on! Ali is next. They think Ali struggled in the Music video. Ali is singing. Ali did a good job. Zach fangirling again. Ian thinks she can be a bitch character.

Blake is next. They say how he is the best actor. Zach fangirls YET AGAIN. He did a pretty great job! They all loved it. They thought he missed his vulnerability.

Aylin is next. Zach just loves to fangirl you think? Nikki loves it. They all loved it.

They all loved each character.

They are thinking to eliminate more than one contender. Ali would be disappointed if she leaves. They made their decision.

Update 5: Its back and the list is up. They are beginning to walk up to the list. They all explain how they want to be here so badly. Lily and Michael are eliminated :( Michael thinks this was an incredible experience. Lily thinks she learned so much. The KHO is amazing IMO. Blake, Aylin, and Ali are the Final 3.

Thanks for staying with me tonight! Andrew out!

Trivia Winners:

Smocay - 9

tfesta - 3

Krazysam - 1

GleeProject - 5

TeamAylin - 2

SMOCAY WINSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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