NOTE: I have now moved this over to the? Glee Wiki. So I'm making a TGP fan fic about Big Brother!

24 contenders from the glee project will be playing the big brother game. This year's twist is that there will be DOUBLE TROUBLE! One pair will boyfriend/girlfriend (NOTE- this is NOT a real life couple it is made up!). This dating couple will not be paired up, so the houseguests have to try to figure out who the couple is and they will earn $100 in sponsering money. Another will be enemies. And the last group, one from the group will be a Sabotuer. That's right. Their goal is not to win the $500,000 grand prize, but to make it past 5 weeks, and if they do make it past 5 weeks, they will win $25,000 and will be able to play the regular game.

Here,s how the game works if you don't know. Each week houseguests will compete the HOH (Head of Household) competition. Who ever wins the compettion will nominate 2 pairs for eviction. Then 6 people (8 people for the twist) will play for the Power of Veto. Whoever wins, can take themselves off the block if they were nominated. Even if you are'nt nominated, you can have the chance to take1 pair off of the block, If someone is taken off the block then the HOH will name a replacement nominee. The HOH can pick anyone except the pair that was taken off the block and or the Veto holder. Then the houseguests will go to a live eviction. Here both pairs will get one more chance to get votes. Then everybody except the two nominated pairs and the HOH will vote. Then one pair will be evicted and will have to leave the house. Then a live Head of Household compettion will take place. Everybody except the previous HOH can play. And so on and so forth.

Here's the site for sponsers User blog:Bbfan23/The Glee Project: Big Brother- Sponsering HERE IS THE FIRST EPISODE!- User Blog:Bbfan23/TGP: Big Brother- Episode 1


Houseguests Progress

- HoH Blake
- Nom



- POV Abe/Tyler
- Nom



Abraham M & M
Alex M & M
Aylin M & M
Blake HOH
Bryce NOM
Cameron M & M
Charlie M & M
Damian B & T
Dani M & M
Ellis M & M
Emily M & M
Hannah M & M
Lily M & M
Lindsay B & T
Marissa M & M
Matheus M & M
Maxfield NOM/EVCT
McKynleigh NOM/EVCT
Michael M & M
Nellie M & M
Samuel M & M
Shanna M & M
Taryn NOM
Tyler M & M



  • The Bathroom
  • HOH's room
  • Another view of HOH room.
  • Parlor room
  • the kitchen
  • the kitchen
  • memory wall
  • bedroom #1
  • bedroom #2
  • Backyard
  • Backyard
  • Backyard
  • Living room

Abraham- Bbfan23

Alex- Dabest4life

Aylin- Krazysam16


Bryce- Rory sugar123

Cameron- Veku123

Charlie- Josh Bullin24

Damian- MalcolmFox

Dani- Lead The Careers

Ellis- Orbstar

Emily- Vespervent

Hannah- C.Jacobs Rocky05

Lily- Mr.Billboard

Lindsay- Lead The Careers

Marissa- TheWordyBirdy ( MadameBird )


Maxfield- Orbstar


Michael- Gage28170

Nellie- I Ship The Glee Project

Samuel- Xoxoamyxoxo

Shanna- Tfesta

Taryn- Saaronbob22

Tyler- Mr.Billboard

The game will begin shortly!!!!!!

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