Hi Everybody!

Previously on TGP:BB......... Blake became the HoH. He nominated Abe/Tyler and Bryce/Taryn with Abe and Tyler being the target. But when Abe and Tyler won the PoV, Blake had to rethink his strategy. And so his replacement nominee was.......... Max/McKynleigh.

So, tonight. Who will be evicted and who will become the new HoH? Find out tonight!!!!! :)

Eviction Votes-

BY A VOTE........ OF 8 TO 1....... Max and McKynleigh, you are evicted from the Big Brother house.

Everyone liked Max but everybody was glad McKynleigh was gone.

One pair thought the majority would go to evict Bryce and Taryn so they are pissed.

The sabotuer strikes and take all of the food in the house. Who is the sabotuer? While Big Brother turned the lights off so the sabotuer could lock the storage room, this person ran into another houseguest and that houseguest noticed that it had a high voice.........

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