Hello Everybody!

NOTE- I am not going to do the full episode anymore but I will the more important things!!!!!!! New episode on bottom!

Previously on Big Brother...................... 24 houseguests moved into the Big Brother house.

flashback- Abraham- Holy _____!

A 3 month struggle for the half million dollar price. In the first HoH, they fell and slipped, but only one claimed the prize of HoH.

flashback- Julie- Congratulations Blake! You are the first head of household of the season!

Who will Blake nominate? And who will win the Power of Veto? Find out tonight on Big Brother!


flashback: So can each of you guys sit next to your partner I just annonced.

All of the houseguests sit next their partner.

Bbfan23- Now let me tell you that this seasonhas a lot of twists and secrets. Among you, one pair...l....... is dating..

Lily Mae- What?!?

Bbfan23- There is a pair that are enemies.

Charlie- Oh.......

And your partner might possibly be the sabotuer.

Aylin- Oh god!

Bbfan23- All of theis goals are to make it to the fifth week without being discovered. and if they do make it past 5 weeks, they will win $25,000.

Hannah- ________!

Bbfan23- If they make it past 45 weeks, they go back to the normal game.....................Good luck!

Goes from black and white to color and shows Day 1.

Bryce- Well let,s go to bed!

Ellis- Okay then goodnight!


Day 2-

Blake comes out of the diary room.

Blake- Who wants to see my HoH room?

Lindsay- YesYesYes!

The houseguests go upstairs. Blake unlocks the door.

Everybody screams.

It is a big purple room with pictures of Blake and his family.

McKynleigh- Wow!

McKynleigh- I love the HOH room. And I love Blake's pictures!!!!!!! They're so cute!!!

Lindsay- Awwwww! Blake your pictures are so cute!

Maxfield- Woah. What's this? (looking at a letter)

Blake- Oh. I got a letter!

Ellis- Read it!!!

Blake opens letter-

Dear Blake,

Wow, I can't believe you are HOH! We all already miss you. Please don't do anything stupid on TV and know that we love you so much!

Love mom and dad.

Blake- That was cool!

Abraham- Well bye.

Abraham leaves the room.

Blake- Well...........Um, okay bye.

Taryn- Well that was awkward.

Lily- Congratulations Blake.

One by one everybody starts to leave the room leaving Blake and Shanna in the room alone.

Shanna- Hey congrats! So who do you want to nominate because we have to make a decision by tonight.

Blake- Well, I like everybody and nothin' has really happened.

Shanna- Well Abraham just randomly walked out of the room for no reason without congratulating you.

Blake- I mean I could because nothing has happened. But who else.

Shanna- So Abraham & Tyler and.............. A pawn? For now.

Blake- For now until something else happens.

Announcer- Blake, please go to the diary room.

Shanna- Nominate someone everybody likes.

Blake goes to the diary room and comes out with the nomination box. He goes upstairs and comes back down to take the keys out of the memory wall.

Blake- This is hard. I don't know what to do. This is so confusing.

Blake looks at Abraham & Tyler's key.

Abraham- The whole house has no idea of who is going to nominated today.

New Version Episode!

Blake has a tough time for who to nominate. Until Abraham walks out of the HoH room because he doesn't like. So Shanna tells him to put up Abe/ Tyler and a pawn that everybody likes.

Blake nominates Abe/ Tyler and Bryce/Taryn.

Blake confronts Bryce and Taryn and tells them that they are the pawn and they trust Blake and Shanna.

Meanwhile a romance starts to bloom between Michael & Nellie.

Abe and Tyler win the PoV and they use it on themselves.

Blake decides that the replacement nominee is Max/ McKynleigh.

So what will happen next? Will the house find out about Michellie? Who will be evicted? And who will be the new HoH? Find out next time on Big Brother:TGP!

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