The Glee Project: Big Brother- Episode 1

Bbfan23- Good evening. And welcome to a new season of Big Brother. I'm your host, Bbfan23, and this Fall, 24 houseguests from the Glee Project will be playing the game. And this year, it's Double Trouble............. The houseguests will have to pick a partner to go the distance in the game with them. But that's not all! This year in the house, there will be a dating couple, enimies, and a Sabotuer! Their goal is to make it past 5 weeks without anybody knowing who they are. And if they succeed, they will win $100in sponsering money! But that's not the main goal of this game, the is to win $500,000. And to do so, they will have to stay in a house locked from the outside world with no communication. Also, 54 cameras and 96 microphones follow your every move and word. They can win prizes, luxuries, and most importantly, POWER! Each week they will vote to evict one of their own and their goal is to be the last one standing! Now that you know a little about that, let's meet the people who were invited to the biggest party in the U.S.

Charlie Lubeck

Charlie- Oh. My. God. Oh my god!!!! I'm going to Big Brother.I can't believe it! Um hi I'm Charlie, I'm 22 and I am waiter. I just moved from Chicago, Illinois to California. Right now I'm trying to look for better pay and love. I am always open into meeting new girls and hopefully I can find some in the Big Brother house.

Maxfield Camp

Maxfield- No way. You've gotta be kidding me!!! Is this real? Hey I'm Maxfield, I'm 23 and I play football. I have been playing ever since middle school and I actually earned a scolarship to Marysville college. I am also a gym teacher so I can make money.

Emily Vasquez

Emily- Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Yes! Hello! My name's Emily, I'm 24 and I'm a sexy latina! I went to LaGuardia High School of Music & Arts in New York. I've been doing theatre since I was 12 years old.The other houseguests are going to love me because I'm the life of the party.

Nellie Veitenheimer

Nellie- Woah. Is this really it? Yes! Hiya! I'm Nellie, I'm 25, I'm from Tacoma, Washington and I'm a photographer. When I was 11, I lost my sister Jamie and that like changed my life forever.I used to be this fun and out going person, but ever since that incident, I've been just been really shy. So now, I'm trying to take my mind off that.

Blake Jenner

Oh my god! Yes! Hey I'm Blake I'm 24 years old, I live in Los Angeles, California and I am an actor. I have auditioned for TV shows and movies for a long time but I have been rejected for about 85% of the time so I'm not getting a lot of pay. And so I need this money because I'm not getting a lot.

Dani Shay

Oh! Sweet! Hiya! My name's Dani, I'm 24, I live in Orlando, Florida and I'm a music teacher. At a very young age I became involed with music and I've loved it ever since. Last year I was actually on America's Got Talent and I made it to the top 48. But now, I am going to win Big Brother!

Hannah Iawaicain

Yes. Yes. YES! I'm going to Big Brother! Howdy! I'm Hannah, I'm 21, I'm from Ashville, North Carolina and I am currently unemployed. Since I don't have a job, I don't have a lot of money. I'm pumped and ready so c'mon let's go!

Abraham Lim

O-M-G!!!!!! I'm going to BB baby!!!!! Hi I'm Abraham, I'm 24, and I work as a legal aid and I am also a bartender in San Diego. I was bullied at a young age for being feminime because I didn't have my father in my life and I lived with all girls. But now that I'm over that, I'm going to win Big Brother!

Ellis Wylie

Oh wow! Heeyyyy! I'm Ellis I'm 22 not 12. I live in Grayslake, Illinois and I'm ready to win Big Brother!!

Cameron Mitchell

Oh yes!!!!! Hi I'm Cameron, I' 22, and I live in Fort Worth, Texas and I am a student. Most people always ask if I dated Demi Lovato and that is correct because we did date when I was15 but I usually don't like to talk about that. But other than that, I prepared to win this game!

Lindsay Pearce

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Yes! Hey I'm Lindsay, I'm 21, I live in Modesto, California and i am in thatre. After I was born, i was put up for adoption and adopted. In the first 6 months of my life, I was deaf. My parents were suprised that now i am doing theatre and i have an amazing singing voice. I am about to win this game!

Lily Mae Harrington

Michael Weisman

Tyler Ford

Damian McGinty

Alex Newell

Bryce Ross Johnson

Taryn Douglas

Aylin Bayramolya

Samuel Larsen

McKynleigh Abraham

Matheus Fernandes

Shanna Henderson

Marissa Von Bleiken

Okay guys I will finish this part about the houseguests later cause this is taking up too much time!!!!

THE GAME!!!!! (Text in coded format are Diary Room (DR) Sessions)

Bbfan23- Do you think you know who the Sabotuer is? Who's dating? And who are enemies? Well why don't we get a closer look and bring out our houseguests.

The houseguests are not aloud to speak to each other until they enter the house.

All the houseguests stand outside the door.

Bbfan23- Hello houseguests!

All- Hey!

Bbfan23- Well, take a good look around. The person in front of you might just be your new best friend, and the person behind you might just stab you in the back...... So, are you guys ready to embark on a 3 month power struggle for $500,000?

All- Yes!

Bbfan23- Okay then. The first group to enter the Big BROTHER house is, Lily Mae, Matheus, Tyler, Bryce, Lindsay, and, Dani. You may now enter the house.

That group enters the house.​

Dani- Woah!!!!!

Dani- This house is slamming! I'm so glad I might be living here for 3 months!

Lily- C'mon guys we gotta go get rooms.

Tyler- Hi I'm Tyler!

Lily- Hey I'm Lily!

Lindsay- Sup I'm Lindsay!

Bryce- Hi I'm Bryce!

Tyler-  Lilly, Bryce, and Lindsay look like the people you don't won't to get  pissed off. It's kind of scary!

Bbfan23- The next group to enter the house is Maxfield, Emily, Charlie, Abraham, Hannah, and Ellis. You may now enter the house.

That group enters the house.

Maxfield- Yes!

Ellis- I can't believe I'm here!

Abraham- Holy _____!

Abraham- I couldn't believe all the colors, it was like so beautiful!

Matheus- Bedrooms are that way!

Emily- Okay thanks!

Charlie- Yeah thanks!

Charlie- Hey I'm Charlie!

Emily- Hey I'm Emily!

Emily- I guess Charlie is my type. He's got that curly hair and he's tall.

Bbfan23- The next group to enter the house is Shanna, Samuel, McKynleigh, Aylin, Michael, and Cameron. You may now enter the house.

That group enters the house.

Aylin- Oh my god!

McKynleigh- Woah. This is cool.

Michael- Sweet!

Michael- This. This is a cool house. This beats so many other houses by far!

Bbfan23- Which means the last group to enter the house is Blake, Marissa, Nellie, Taryn, Damian, and Alex. You may now enter the house.

The last group enters the house.

Blake- Yeah!

Marissa- Oh my god! This looks amazing!

Taryn- Woah!

Taryn- This is the first time I've been away from my mom. So I'm already homesick, but this is what I came here for I came here to win. And I'm going to.
All of the houseguests go into the living room.

Cameron- Why don't we get the ball rolling. My name's Cameron, I'm 22 and I am a natural musician.

Bryce- Well I'm Bryce, I'm 23 and I'm a music producer.

Marissa- I'm Marissa, I'm 24 and I'm a model.

Emily- My name is Maria Emilia Theresa Mendoza Vasquez...... But you can call me Emily!

Everybody laughs.

Emily- So my name's Emily, I'm 24 and I do theatre.

Charlie- My name's Charlie, I'm 22 and I'm a student!

Taryn- My name's Taryn, I'm 22 and I am a kindergarden teacher.

Abraham- Well my name's Abraham, I'm 24, and I'm a bartender.

Maxfield- I'm Max I'm 23 and I'm a professional football player.

Michael- Hey I'm Michael, I'm 23 and I love calculus and I describe myself as a math geek.

​Aylin- That Michael guy and Blake are like..... Super cute!

Aylin- I'm Aylin. I'm 21 and am currently unemployed and that's it.

Blake- I'm Blake, I'm 24, and I'm an actor.

Dani- I'm Dani, I'm 24, and I'm a music teacher.

I'm Nellie, I'm 25 and I'm photographer.

Lindsay- Hey I'm Lindsay, I'm 26 and I have been on Broadway.

Hannah- Well I'm Hannah, I'm 23, and I'm a student.








Lily Mae-


The houseguest raise their glasses and give a toast.

Bbfan23- Houseguests, please can everybody sit down. So does everybody like your fellow houseguests?

All- Yeah!

Bbfan23- Well are guys ready for this year's first twist?

All- Sure!

Abraham- Oh god!

Bbfan23- Well let me tell you then. This year is Double Trouble which means that you guys have already have been paired up by our producers. You will be playing the competitions as individuals but it affects you and your partner. If you become the HOH, you and your partner are safe. You will be nominated as a couple, and evicted as a couple. Now we have already paired you guys up and you guys will find out your partner a little later. And here's the second twist. In the house, one pair is a couple, another are enemies, and another, has one person is....... a Sabotuer! Their goal is to keep a secret of their identidy for 5 weeks. And if they succeed? They both win $25,000 and then if they do make it past those 5 weeks, they then get to play the normal game.

Bbfan23- So, is everybody ready to know who their partners are?

All- Yes!

Nellie- No!

Bbfan23- Well too bad. You find out your partners after your HOH competition which starts right now. So go to the storage room and get on your athletic gear and go into the backyard.

The houseguests go outside to find 24 surfboards in water.
Abraham- When I saw the surfboards in the water, I'm like _______! I'm gonna drown! I hate water.

Bbfan23- Houseguests, can you please make your way onto the surfboards. So this competition is called "Surf's Up!". The goal of the competition is to stay on your surfboard the longest. It's as simple as that. And whoever does will become the new head of household. So is everybody ready?

All- Yes!

Bbfan23- Okay. Good Luck houseguests!

The Surfboards start rotating and tilting.
Dani- Once the game began, the surfboards started to tilt and rotating more and more the further you went on. And this one big tilt, I lost my balance.

Dani falls off her board. (Time Elapsed- 5:46 )

Dani- And I fell off. God I felt like an idiot being the first one off.

Bbfan23- And Dani is the first houseguest to fall off their board.

Shanna- I was fine on the board I wasn't in any pain but I didn't want to put a target on back so I fell off.

Shanna falls off the board. (Time Elapsed- 7:02)

Taryn falls off the board. (Time Elapsed 7:05)

Bbfan23- Oh! And Shanna and Taryn are down.

McKynleigh- All these people were just dropping like flies.

Maxfield falls off the board. (Time Elapsed- 10:12)

Ellis falls off the board. (Time Elapsed- 10:59)

Abraham falls off the board. (Time Elapsed- 12:00)

​McKynleigh- I was doing amazing and I started to slip.

McKynleigh starts wobbling and looks like she's about to fall.

Ellis- Oh god. Come on McKynleigh you got it.


Ellis- Oh god. Come on McKynleigh you got it.

McKynleigh falls on her bottom on the surfboard and slides off the board. (Time Elapsed- 12:36)

Lily Mae loses her balance and falls off. (Time Elapsed- 12:40)

Bbfan23- And McKynleigh and Lily Mae are down.

Alex (to Emily)- Honey, I think I'm gonna slip.

Alex- I think the only person I trust in the house is Emily. She seems sweet.

Emily- It's okay.

Emily- Already Alex and I said that we wanted to be together in an alliance. But, I don't know if I'm playing too hard too fast with making an alliance on the first day.

Alex falls off his board. (Time Elapsed- 15:34)

Charlie starts grunting in pain.

​Tyler- I hear Charlie in pain and I'm in no pain at all but I don't want to put a big target on my back.

Tyler- Hey Charlie. How about if you go, I'll go because let's not be in anymore pain.

Charlie- Okay. On 3?

Tyler- Yeah! 1...... 2..........3!

Charlie falls down. (Time Elapsed- 21:24)

Tyler falls down. (Time Elapsed- 21:25)

Lindsay slips off her board. (Time Elapsed- 21:29)

Matheus-I'm seeing all these people fall down and now Ican just taste the HOH

Marissa- For me this is really easy, and then all of a sudden the water below us begins to shake and then I notice the waves and a big splash of water came at my face and it was so cold that it felt like my skin was being cut with a knife. It hurt SO bad and this made this competition so much harder.

Cameron, Bryce, and Matheus fall from the waves. (Time Elapsed- 26:02 ; 26:07 ; 26:24)

15 minutes go by.

Emily starts grunting in pain and one of her legs falls off the board still keeping one foot on.

Emily- I began to not feel good and my left leg gave up.

Emily still manages to stand back up.

Nellie- Emily, you okay?

Emily- Yeah it was just my..........

Emily's leg slips off the board and she falls down. (Time Elapsed- 41:45)

Lily Mae- Good job Emily.

Taryn- Yeah good job.

30 minutes go by.
Samuel- The game got easier now with the waves over. And then BOOM! I got hit with a water balloon that came from literally nowhere and I fell down.

Samuel falls down. (Time Elapsed- 1:24.36)

Followed by Damian and Nellie. (Time Elapsed- 1:24.46 and 1:25.00)

About 45 minutes pass by.

Aylin- Hey Mariss, If I fall would you keep me safe?

Marissa- Um..... Yeah Sure.

Marissa- Duh. Of course I'm going to say yes to your face but my plan is to get you out the first week!

Aylin (to Marissa) okay I'm gonna fall then.

Michael and Aylin fall off their boards. (Time Elapsed- 2:12.35 and 2:12.37)

Bbfan23- Oh and Michael and Aylin are down. Looks like were down to the final 3, Blake, Hannah, and Marissa.

Marissa loses her balance and falls down. (Time Elapsed- 2:12.59)

Marissa- I fell down on purpose. I do not want a huge target on my back.

Blake starts to look worried.

Blake- As people are falling I'm starting to realize I don't want HOH so I better start making a deal with Hannah so I let her win and she keeps me safe.

Blake- Hey Hannah. I wanted to talk to you. So how 'bout I let...............

Hannah slips off her board. (Time Elapsed- 2:24.23)

Bbfan23- Congratulations Blake you are the first Head of Household!

Blake- Hey I didn't want it but at least I just proved I'm probably one of the strongest people here.

Michael- Congrats!


Michael- Congrats!

Michael- I think I'm safe with Blake as the HOH!
All the houseguests go inside and into the living room.

Bbfan23- So Blake, how does it feel to be the first HOH?

Blake- I it probably going to be nerve-racking!

Bbfan23- Well it's going to get more nerve-racking because by the end of tomorrow night, 2 pairs will be nominated for eviction. Which brings me to the pairs........ Lindsay & Damian...........Michael & Nellie............. Abraham & Tyler........... Aylin & Lily Mae........... McKynleigh.............Taryn & Bryce.............. Blake & Shanna which means you Blake and you Shanna are both safe for the week..............Alex & Emily..........Cameron & Charlie..........Samuel & Marissa.......... Hannah & Ellis........ and Matheus & Dani........

All- What!

That's right goodnight houseguest!!!!!!!!!

Bbfan23- Who will Blake nominate for eviction? Find out tomorrow!


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