Ok, well I know this is really late but I decided to write a blog on season 1 of TGP, it won't be super long because I don't want to write that much and I suck at writing

First off we meet the 12 contenders and they perform the homework assignment for #MrBroccoliHead a.k.a Darren Criss. He looks like he needs to take a shower but I shouldn't question him because he's super famous and amazingly talented. Right away, I thought Alex did the best however. I also really liked Emily and Marissa and I didn't like Bryce or Matheus. To my surprise, Matheus won and he's flattered. I would be too. So they go to the recording studio and Ellis says she's sick and Hannah struggles, but Hannah is amazing because she's to laid back. They go to shoot the music video and Bryce fails and Ellis is playing her part too much and Damian is fading into the back, Bryce is a heartbreaker and totally breaks Emily's heart *sarcasm*. When everyone was performing together I thought Matheus was annoying, just my opinion. Please don't hurt me.

The bottom three is revealed and it is Damian, Ellis and Bryce. I agree with this bottom 3 :D. Damian messes up his lyrics and Ryan laughs at him, Bryce fails, and Ellis does pretty good but has attitude problems

Bryce is sent home (I called it) and I'm happy because I never really liked him anyway


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