time for a run down.

Ali- nice person, but doesnt have a good voice. too nasial. we dont really get to see her personality as much.

Abe- i like him a lot, but seems to force emotion.

Alyin- awesome voice, could see her on glee as a charter they havent had.

blake- better acting than most contenders, but not a lot of personality

charlie- needs to clam down, and not be so arrogant but has good acting abilites

lily- same as charlie, but could be nicer. i think its her attitude that is keeping her from being a front runner in tgp

mario- WAY to cocky,and needs to tone down his attitude or he wont last long.

michael.-overrated, to me he seems forgetable but could step into the leading man type role glee needs.

nellie- awesome unique voice. got the feeling that her first trip to the bottem she will be eliminated because ryan wouldnt like her. but shes my fave.

shanna- has a great belting voice, but cant see her on glee other than just another rachel.

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