• I live in under a roof
  • I was born on January 20
  • My occupation is being a person in a big world
  • I am female
  • Arie00111
    • Rachel: It's okay to be ambitious
    • Finn: The right thing and the hard thing are sometimes the same thing
    • Puck: You're only a loser if you believe you're one
    • Quinn: Getting knocked down just means you have to get right back up
    • Tina: No one is useless
    • Mike: You can believe in yourself even if no one else does
    • Brittany: Not being good at school doesn't mean you're not smart
    • Santana: You should never be afraid to voice your opinion, even if it isn't the popular one
    • Kurt: It's okay to be different and be proud.
    • Blaine: You can always find the positive in a negative
    • Artie: Your weakness can easily be your greatest strength
    • Mercedes: You deserve respect, but so do others
    • Sam: Money really doesn't buy happiness
    • Sugar: Confidence is not the same thing as arrogan…
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  • Arie00111


    July 15, 2012 by Arie00111

    ok this wiki is super fun to play with. amazed by how funny and annoying people are. but seriously cant even believe how some superfans really figure out this stuff. talk sbout obsessed. but even im guilty of being a fangirl. but its nice to have a laugh. and some people need to lighten up a bit.

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  • Arie00111


    July 2, 2012 by Arie00111

    time for a run down.

    Ali- nice person, but doesnt have a good voice. too nasial. we dont really get to see her personality as much.

    Abe- i like him a lot, but seems to force emotion.

    Alyin- awesome voice, could see her on glee as a charter they havent had.

    blake- better acting than most contenders, but not a lot of personality

    charlie- needs to clam down, and not be so arrogant but has good acting abilites

    lily- same as charlie, but could be nicer. i think its her attitude that is keeping her from being a front runner in tgp

    mario- WAY to cocky,and needs to tone down his attitude or he wont last long.

    michael.-overrated, to me he seems forgetable but could step into the leading man type role glee needs.

    nellie- awesome unique voice. got the feeling…

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  • Arie00111


    June 26, 2012 by Arie00111

    well well well. seems like i have a big mouth. but i am not afraid. i am me. so if you have a problem with me than thats your problem. what you see is what you get. i know im not perfect. but neither are you.

    i dont want to hate u. truth is, wiki is fun and since nobody cares about me (in life) i guess ill just roll with the punches.

    love u! (to all my haters)


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