AylinxCharlie/Chaylin: Ok obvious one, since they are an actual couple in real life. I really think they are cute together and seem to really care about eachother, based on how close they were when Charlie was in the bottom three.

AylinxBlake/Blayin: They were HOT in the sexuality video, maybe just a little too hot...

AylinxCharliexBlake/Chalk: The first threesome I will ever support.

MichaelxNellie/Nickel: Once again they were pretty hot together in sexuality and dance-ability videos. And they each have a sort of awkwardness that match and compliment eachother.

NelliexBlake/Blank: They had it going in the sexuality video, nothing really more than that.

MichaelxShanna/Shank: They could possibly be the leaders of the group, like the Finn and Rachel of the Glee Project, they remind me of Damian and Lindsey from last season.

If you guys have any other "shippings" I'll add it to the list and give it my thoughts, or tell me what you think about the pairings I already thought of. I'll respond to everyone :)

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