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    Possible Shippings

    June 26, 2012 by AnimalLarsen

    AylinxCharlie/Chaylin: Ok obvious one, since they are an actual couple in real life. I really think they are cute together and seem to really care about eachother, based on how close they were when Charlie was in the bottom three.

    AylinxBlake/Blayin: They were HOT in the sexuality video, maybe just a little too hot...

    AylinxCharliexBlake/Chalk: The first threesome I will ever support.

    MichaelxNellie/Nickel: Once again they were pretty hot together in sexuality and dance-ability videos. And they each have a sort of awkwardness that match and compliment eachother.

    NelliexBlake/Blank: They had it going in the sexuality video, nothing really more than that.

    MichaelxShanna/Shank: They could possibly be the leaders of the group, like the Finn and Rac…

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  • AnimalLarsen

    With Taryn and Dani leaving last episode only 11 contestants remain, and things are getting more intense as Robert announces that this weeks theme will be vulnerability. And their homework assignment will be *drum roll* "My Life Would Suck Without You" by Kelly Clarkson. What? I think Charlie said it best, how can you be vulnerable to a song like that? But the contestants must now show their softer side to this weeks theme. Aylin and Lily Mae were about to battle it out to the death for a line, until Aylin gives it up to her. Mario and Michael wanted the same line but Michael was all chill about it and let Mario have it. So no battle to deaths for this episode. O well.

    The contestants wait in the choir room for the this weeks mentor and it …

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  • AnimalLarsen

    The remaining contestants finish "mourning" over Maxfield's departure. Yeah I'm not surprised they got over his elimination that fast. Anyways they return back into their living room to see what the homework assignment and the theme of the week will be. Robert enters the room and announces that this week will be "Dance-ability". Some of the contestants know their in deep shit. He also says the homework song for the week is The Go-Go's "We Got The Beat". Personally one of my favorite songs. He leaves and the cast begin to divide parts. Ali gets aggravated by Mario because of his refusal to consider another part when they both wanted the same one. Mario had the right to want the part, but he was a little bit rude to Ali when he told her. Jus…

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    I've decided to make a review of every episode of the Glee Project season two, because I freakin love it and this will hopefully improve my review skills. So here it goes.

    The episode starts out with the contestants entering their new home for the next few weeks, depending on how long they last in the competition. We get to meet all of them and I was already picking out who I liked and wanted to win. There wasn't a contestant that I disliked right then and there, because they all seemed pretty likable.

    Abraham- chinese guy with punk rock hair and is a little flamboyant, I liked him a bit more than some others.

    Ali- the girl in a wheelchair who doesn't let that stop her from living her life happily, I love her attitude.

    Aylin- the Turkish Muslim …

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