The Glee House is where the contenders live when filming The Glee Project, and is where they will spend most of their time. Known rooms in the house include separate bedrooms for the boys and girls, a long hallway, a rec room, a small kitchen, a bathroom, and several other rooms. While living in the house, contenders are not allowed to contact their friends to tell them about the results. It is unknown if the choir room, recording studio, waiting room, confessional, make-up room, costume storage, and dance studio are part of the house or located somewhere else as the contenders are never seen walking to and from them.

Seasons 1 and 2Edit

Season 1Edit

In the first season of The Glee Project, the bedrooms, rec room, and hallway are seen for the first time. The house has been decorated in a simple, gender-neutral way. The boys and girls rooms looked very similar, with the biggest difference being the colour of the sheets on their beds (black for boys and white for girls). The living room had colourful pillows and chairs everywhere, and a giant couch for the contenders to sit on. There are closets in the bedrooms for the contenders to keep their clothes in since the contenders are allowed to dress themselves for everything except music videos. Although there are bedrooms for the boys and girls rules don't seem very strict about where they can sleep, as there have been times where they all slept in 1 room together and they would sometimes stay up all night.

Season 1

Season 2Edit

The house had to be slightly modified to make it more accessible for contenders with disabilities and to accommodate more contenders than season 1. The house has been given a new look this season, with new furniture and artwork. There are smaller beds this season which could be to prevent contenders from sitting beside each other on them, or to make room for more beds and closets. More parts of the house have been shown this season. A kitchen, bathroom, and excersice room have been shown for the first time. It is also revealed that the house has at least two levels.

Parts of the HouseEdit

When the contenders are in the house, cameras follow them all the time. They have a few mounted cameras in the living areas and a couple overhead cameras in the bedrooms, but most of the time they use handheld cameras operated by staff. Mounted cameras are not allowed in the bathroom but handheld cameras are allowed sometimes when the contenders are just talking or putting on make-up. The contenders bring their own clothes and are allowed to dress themselves for everything except music videos, although in bonus scenes from season 1 the contenders are shown talking to wardrobe and make-up about what kinds of clothes they like.


Season 1: Dorms are gender neutral and contain beds, closets, and pictures above each bed. Boys and girls will visit each other's dorms frequently. There have been times where everyone would sleep in the same room and sometimes the contenders would stay up all night instead of going to sleep.
Season 2: Dorms have been modified to make them more gender specific. Frequently, boys visit the girls' dorm and girls visit theirs. The beds are smaller in season 2 than season 1, but the contenders will sometimes push unused beds together to make them bigger.

Girls DormEdit


Girl's room in season 2

Season 1: The beds are white with purple headboards. Each bed has a different picture above it. The walls are grey.

Season 2: The Girls dorm has unique design with a combination of colors red, pink, yellow, and white. It is decorated with girly designs, like polka dots and faces. The beds are white, with pink and yellow pillows.

Boys DormEdit


Boy's room in season 2

Season 1: The beds are black with blue headboards. Each bed has a picture above it. The walls are the same colour as the girls' room.

Season 2: The Boys Dorm has a different style and design, with colors mostly in a blue scale, with some orange spots. The design is randomly coloured squares.




Season 1: The kitchen is not seen in this season.

Season 2: In the second season they show us the house's kitchen for the first time. It has a neutral design. Contenders are often seen in it at the beginning of the episode.

Exercise AreaEdit

Season 1: The exercise area is not seen in this season.

Season 2: We have also seen the exercise room for the first time. We have seen it at least two times.


Exercise area

In the episode Vulnerability, we see the girls in it, and suddenly Blake and Charlie appear dressed up as superheroes.

In the episode Fearlessness, we see the boys in it, and suddenly, the girls enter in underwear, screaming "Fearless, fearless!!" After they come in, they boys take off their shirts and pants and start playing basketball in underwear.


Season 1: The bathroom is not seen in this season.

Season 2: The bathroom has been seen in season 2. It has sinks and a couple doors. Aylin and Charlie are seen discussing their relationship in this room.




Meeting RoomEdit

Season 1: It has a simple design with a giant grey couch in the corner with some pillows and blankets on it. There are colorful chairs and pillows everywhere. There is a pool table, a shuffle board table and a slushie machine. It was called the rec room in this season.

Season 2: It has a new design this season. There is a big white couch with a black table in front of it.

Other RoomsEdit

These are other rooms seen on The Glee Project that may or may not be part of the house.

Choir RoomEdit


Season One

Season 1: There are two hallways leading into the choir room, one for mentors and one for the contenders. It is a large room with spotlights on the ceiling. The floor has three levels and there are stairs on the sides. There are usually red chairs and instruments in the room but these can be removed.

Season 2:The choir room is bigger and the ceiling is black instead of white. The different levels on the floor are a lot wider and not as tall as in Season One, and there are rails on the side. The stairs are gone because it is easier to get on the stage.

Recording StudioEdit

In every episode of The Glee Project, the contenders will go into the recording studio to record their voices for the music video.  It remains the same in every season.

Waiting AreaEdit

Season 1: There is a grey couch like the one in the meeting room.  There are pillows everywhere.

Season 2: There is a black couch and some chairs. 

The Cheese LampEdit

The "Cheese Lamp" is a lamp outside Nikki Anders' recording studio. It's colored beige, but shines yellow, and it has holes in it. It was famously compared to cheese by Season One contender Hannah.


Individuality (season one)
On the first episode of The Glee Project, Individuality, Hannah says "Oh look at this light. It's got holes in it... Like Cheese!"
Individuality (season two)
On the recap video at the beginning of the episode, Hannah's statement from last season is shown, and later, Nellie point out the lamp and Charlie comments "It's the cheese lamp! from Season One!," making reference to Hannah's comparison in the previous season.


  • Abraham described the bedrooms as "Skittles and Starbursts."
  • Most of the house has been redesigned for season 2.
  • Although the beds are smaller in season 2 the contenders will sometimes push unused beds together to make them bigger.


  • Meeting area in Season 1
  • Meeting area in Season 1
  • Girl's Room in Season 1
  • Boy's Room in Season 1
  • Choir room in season one
  • Choir room in season one
  • Boy's Room in Season 2
  • Girl's Room in Season 2
  • Vanity
  • Exercise Area
  • Meeting Area in Season 2
  • Kitchen
  • Meeting area in Season 2
  • Aylin and Lily in the kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Boy's room with two beds pushed together
  • Elevater
  • Choir room in season two
  • Choir room in season two

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