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Welcome to the Dannah team!

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Dannah is the romantic pairing of Damian McGinty and Hannah McIalwain. Hannah has admitted to crushing on Damian many times and claims that Damian also admitted his feelings to her off-camera. If you believe that these two lovebirds should give in and be more the friends, sign!

Signatures for DannahEdit


Signatures for their relationship Edit

  1. ILoveGlee
  2. Brittana21
  3. Gleekonline101
  4. Immagleek18
  5. Holland.Brennan
  6. Rory sugar123
  7. Sequoi
  8. DannahLuvr
  9. ninjacupcake88

Signatures for their friendship Edit

  1. ILoveGlee
  2. SkySplitz
  3. Gleekonline101
  4. Immagleek18
  5. Sunriseondarkenedseas
  6. LindsayPearceFan
  7. Veku123

Dannah TemplatesEdit


Without the spaces
{ {Dannah} }
This user is a huge
Dannah fan
{ {DannahFan } }
This user is the biggest Dannah fan
{ {DannahBackOff} }


Dannah FanfictionsEdit




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