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Hello! Welcome to the Fan Page of Bylin (or Baylin). Bylin is the Fictional relationship between Blake Jenner and Aylin Bayramoglu in the Oxygen Show. The Glee Project.

The relationship started in the One-on-One chat between Aylin and Blake where they were flirting with eachother. In Individuality after Aylin's Last Chance Performence Ryan Murphy asked her who she liked on the show, she awnsered Blake. After that in Dance-ability   in the Party Rock Anthem music video the contestant played Spin-the-Bottle. Aylin and Blake were forced to kiss each other and they were happy about it. they were later seen cuddling in the video. Later, in Sexuality they are dancing with eachother during Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake. After that, In Actability they were Boyfriend and Girlfriend in Perfect. to learn more about them go to Blake-Aylin Relationship.


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  1. Aylinlover

Featured QuoteEdit

Ryan: Who is the hottest guy in the house?
Aylin: I would have to say Blake.

—Ryan and Aylin, Individuality

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