Shanna-Aylin Relationship
Nickname Shaylin
Intimacy Level Kissed in We Found Love
Status Friends

The Shanna-Aylin Relationship is a fictional relationship between Shanna and Aylin. Commonly Referred to as Shaylin. Other names for them are Bayderson.

Episodes WithEdit


  • During I Wanna Sex You Up, Aylin and Shanna flirt with each other, holding hands and such.


  • During Now That We Found Love, Aylin and Shanna dance in such a way that Aylin's backside bumps Shanna's pelvis, almost like grinding. (About 0:59 seconds in.)
  • When Aylin is slushied, Shanna steps forward angrily as if she's going to confront the boy who slushied her.
  • Shanna put her hand on Aylin's back comfortingly after the boy slushied her.


  • They sit next to each other on the couch.


  • They are paired up together during We Found Love.
  • They kissed during We Found Love, and acted attracted to each other.
  • When the contenders came to say goodbye to Shanna, Aylin said that Shanna was like her sister.
  • They are excited to find out they are partners.
  • They do a special handshake during choreography.
  • During the bonus video where the girls discuss their partners they are sitting on the same bed together.
  • Aylin gives Shanna permission to "Play around with me, have fun with me," during the video to make the video realistic.
  • In the booth, Aylin tells Shanna "This is for you."
  • They say they are going to "drill this until we're gay together, until we're not even straight anymore."
  • In her exit interview with Huffington Post, Shanna said she thought it was going to be her, Blake and Michael in the bottom, meaning she did not think Aylin was in danger.

Glee-ality (Season 2)Edit

  • In the bonus video where the top 3 say goodbye to the others before the LCPs, Shanna and Aylin hug and Aylin kisses her forehead. Shanna then says "I love you," and Aylin says "I love you too."
  • In Tonight Tonight, Shanna and Aylin have a scene where they are getting ready in the school bathroom together.

Off SetEdit

  • Aylin was showing Shanna her letter from Charlie.
  • Shanna wrote in a Tumblr post "Aylin: Oh my goodness at the memories we have! You were like my sister on this show and we will always share this experience together. a few of my favorite memories are 1. Turkey Bacon (enough said) 2. Hearing your story and telling you mine, you were one of the first people I trusted on the show 3. Harmony on We found love :now we’re standing side by side” There are so many more, but those are some of my favorites. You have one of the biggest hearts I have ever been around. You taught me to trust others and how to not be afraid to speak my story. (and you taught me how to make turkey bacon) Thank you."
  • Aylin said in an interview that she thought she'd be going home Romanticality week because " I thought, there's no way they're going to keep me because it’s Shanna's first time, and they're not going to pull a Marissa [von Bleicken, of Season 1] and get rid of her."
  • Shanna said in her interview with Huffington Post that her and Aylin's performance together in We Found Love that "In the moment, I took the criticism, but I think the end product looked great! I thought that we looked very real and authentic. I disagree with the criticism now, having seen the music video. I really thought that we had a genuine connection on screen. I enjoyed watching it. We worked it!"
  • In an interview with RealityWanted, when asked if it was easier to work with Michael or Aylin during Romanticality, Shanna said " I think that it was tougher to be with Michael actually" and "Aylin is a great singer, and we clicked in the recording studio."
  • In an interview with TvLine, Aylin said about her and Shanna's performance in We Found Love that "Well, I don’t think [the bad reaction] was about the chemistry, because I think Shanna and I did have it."

Episodes AgainstEdit

Dance-ability (Season 2)Edit

  • Aylin kissed many people during Spin the Bottle and Charlie. Except Shanna.
  • Shanna kissed many people during Spin the Bottle as well. None of these were Aylin.

Vulnerability (Season 2)Edit

  • Aylin is seen comforting Charlie after he messed up a scene.

Sexuality (Season 2)Edit




  • Aylin and Charlie broke up on March of 2013.


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